Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pageant Photos and Poll: Prelim Night One

The photo above is from Miss Texas photographer Jim Hanson. Note, Miss Ohio is on the top row in the colorful gown.

Robin Leach's Vegas Deluxe website has a prelim night one album that is full of close-ups and fun angles;
you must check it out!

Virginia's photographer Julius T. is fantastic! He has 19 pages of photos from last night's competition!

Go to Julius' page to view individual Swimsuit pictures, as well as Onstage Question and Talent.

Karissa's Talent:

Evening Gown:
I've decided to post each Evening Gown, because I think that's what people are most anxious to see! A preliminary Gown award is not given, so keep scrolling for a poll!
*Click each thumbnail to enlarge it.*

Below left: North Dakota; right: Louisiana

Below left: Florida; right: Illinois

Below left: Indiana; right: Wyoming

Below left: Arizona; right: North Carolina

Below left: Colorado; right: Georgia

Below left: Wisconsin; right: Oklahoma

Below left: Utah; right: Tennessee

Below left: Hawaii; right: Massachusetts

Below left: Virgin Islands; right: South Dakota

As I mentioned above, a preliminary Gown award is not given, but if it were, who do you thing would have received it?
I realize we can not tell what sort of stage presence these women had, but we first impressions, even from a photo, says a lot!


  1. I'm struck by how much GA, TN, and HI stand out in the EG lineup because of their color choices. I hope this shows women in the program why they shouldn't be afraid of color. Don't always buy into the old adage, winners where white. None of them stand out, in my opinion.

  2. Hey M – I could not agree with you more! All the white/beige/gold gowns blend together. The three you mentioned not only stand out because of their color, but they were the perfect gown for each woman.

    I LOVE Georgia’s gown! The color, silhouette and fabric was my dream pageant gown.

    There’s something about Tennessee’s gown that I don’t like, but on her, the whole package is great. She has a gorgeous face and reminds me of Becky Minger, especially since Becky has a gown this color.

    More than any other state I think we have a certain idea of “Hawaii” and this year she definitely lives up to it with that flowing yellow gown! I wish, however, that it were a different material; the bodice has a few minor puckers. I think a different fabric could have looked richer.

    I wanted to comment on the gowns, but didn’t want to influence the poll, so I guess I’ll continue doing it here…

    North Dakota has one of those gowns you just keep looking at without being able to decide if you love or hate it! It’s different and interesting; I’ll bet it really sparkled onstage.

    Louisiana was a big disappointment; that’s a competitive pageant state that usually “brings it” at Miss America, but I didn’t think this gown was special at all.

    Florida’s gown reminds me of what Jennifer Hawkins was crowned Miss Universe in. The gown doesn’t really do anything for me, but I like Miss Florida. She has a beautiful face and oozes personality, so I think she could have pulled anything off.

    Illinois didn’t really impress me either. I don’t think the wedding dress appliqués go with the black liquid beading.

    Then there’s Miss Indiana… In many ways she’s the one to beat – she was the first Gold Sash winner and now a swimsuit prelim winner. Many fans agree with the reality show judges, “She can do no wrong.” I was on that band wagon, until I saw her gown photo and my heart sank! To me, it’s too similar to last year’s winner’s gown and extremely dated with the sleeves, sweetheart neck and lace.

    I think Wyoming’s gown is fantastic; however, it’s not a complete package on her. Her hair style ruined it for me, taking the feathers from classy to trashy.

    The fabric on the bottom of Arizona’s gown is interesting, but overall it’s not memorable.

    North Carolina looks great, another beautiful face, but the style has been done and seen a million times.

    Miss Colorado reminds me of a recent Miss World in the face. I hate to say this, but the gown is not very slimming on her. I’m sure she’s in great shape, but something about this gown choice just doesn’t seem to work.

    Wisconsin’s gown is lovely, but looks like a wedding gown.

    Oklahoma is also beautiful, but like so many other gowns in this flight, it just doesn’t seem that special. It’s more like a talent gown for a vocalist instead of the gown Miss America should be crowned in.

    I was surprised that I liked Utah’s gown; she was able to take her religious rule of having to cover her shoulders and make it interesting. However, I think the pageant trend of a slit with multiple layers showing is getting tired.

    Massachusetts looks sexy and beautiful. She is very pretty and seems to light up a room with her smile, I just wish she would have worn a bright or bold color.

    My reaction to Miss Virgin Islands is “aw, poor thing…” Their contestants never seem to have much direction or experience. Her gown looks very dated.

    Finally, I feel like a broken record about South Dakota – beautiful women, overdone dress. She is wearing a replica of “The Shandi” from FIVE years ago; hers is even the same colors as the former Miss USA! Enough already!

    I hate being so critical because I know how difficult it is but I just wasn’t that impressed.



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