Saturday, January 24, 2009

Miss America 2009 LIVE BLOG!!!


1st Runner-up: Georgia
2nd Runner-up: Iowa
3rd Runner-up: New York
4th Runner-up: Florida



New York - Was it fair for the media to make an issue of Sarah Palin's Miss America involvement? She said "No, because people don't understand the pageant system."

California - Prince Harry - Racist - Should public figures express views?
Great answer about respect.

Georgia - Government bail-outs?
She basically said yes, in a very confident and concise answer.

Tennessee - First black president - is racism over?
I think she sort of spoke in a circle... That one needs an instant replay.

Indiana - Sports figures and enhancement drugs
She stuttered over some words, but recovered well and ultimately gave a strong answer.

Iowa - Should college be free?
She said we should first focus on K - 12; I don't know if I agree, but she answered very well.

Florida - Is there still prejudice against women?
She basically said "No." I like what she was trying to say, but she stumbled over her words horribly.

We all let out a gasp when Florida was picked; we really thought it would be Hawaii or maybe Michigan... :(


More Talent...

Going into the commercial, Loren looked at me and said, "He [Clinton] just said 'freakin'" "Yeah, he already said "ass" and offered them a Zanex too" I replied. I think he's hilarious. :)

Florida - We love how she changed her costume. She's super cute, but like DC, we didn't think she did much. My parents liked Hawaii and DC better.

Tennessee - Wow, this woman has a fantastic wardrobe! You could hear the nerves in her voice, but she knew right where her high notes were. I don't like when opera singers use hand-held mics though. As a singer, I want to pick it apart, but in this format, she handled it well. I like her a lot, I just fear that with the new direction Miss America is trying to take, it might be a while till we see another opera singer crowned.

California - I honestly wasn't paying attention, but Loren says she looked like every little girls idea of a pretty ballerina.

Side note - we're really enjoying the "pop-up video" info about the contestants.

Iowa - Really? I do like her gown, but again, didn't think she'd advance. We liked her a lot - good song selection and very entertaining.

Michigan - My mom likes her and is happy, but dad and I were pulling for Arkansas. Loren noted that she was called first to the 12 and last to the 10... I didn't like her costume at all, but we all feel she did more than the other dancers, in terms of "tricks." Also, very entertaining.



I HATE the way they're doing this - like last year all twelve women have to sit ONSTAGE waiting hear their name called to get up and do their talent, if they're one of the Top 10! Fans hated this last year, but appearantly TLC likes the drama...

DC - She's beautiful, but it didn't seem like she did anything... Then again, we're not dance people, so we don't know.

Georgia - Mic check? It doesn't seem like the volume was up at the start. She sounds better on the YouTube clip online, but that's still one of the best talents seen on Miss America's telecast in a while... Very American Idol.

New York - Loren turned to me and joked, "mom made it?" I told him to shut up. I like that she took the time to take a drink and compose herself and it's great that the contestants are helping each other (taking the water bottle for her). Dad says, "she's not as good as Georgia, is she." I counter that it's a totally different type of voice. She did well.

Hawaii - "She's makin' those feathers bounce!" observes my dad. What a great costume to over-accentuate her motions! I don't like the wavy wig she's wearing or the music, but it's certainly fun to watch! Loren calls it "sweet" and he and my dad are reacting like Mario right now. :)

Indiana - It was said during prelims that she was sick, but I think she sounds fine. I didn't, however, realize her song was religious, I hate that more than I hate her dress! Her face is STUNNING. Loren and I are now arguing about whether content should be important. I threw some "bullshits" followed by, "I'm blogging right now, we'll argue later..."


Evening Gown

Michigan - Again, I love that she took a risk!
Tennessee - My dad really likes it.
Hawaii - Beautiful overall, but I still think the bodice looks cheap and ill-fitted.
California - It's hard to tell against the dark background.
Georgia - Still love it, and love her comment, "I had it first, Eva!" But did she trip a bit?
Florida - Damn it, I hate the split screen! I missed her...
Kentucky - The family's not overly impressed.
DC - We think she carries herself very well; love the gown.
Indiana - I still don't like it. Sorry... :(
Iowa - Oh, I forgot she wore this gown. I like it, but it just doesn't stand out in a pageant and we're still surprised she made it.
Arkansas - So sexy and stunning!
New York - I wasn't sure if I liked this in pictures and I've decided I do not. The bodice and skirt just don't look right together.

My family liked Tennessee, Hawaii, Georgia and DC's gowns. Like me, my mom doesn't like the white gowns, but Loren (who arrived after SS) loves Indiana and my dad says Arkansas is his "wildcard."

We don't feel like one girl has jumped out at us in both swimsuit and gown...


Aw, I like that they gave them wraps as they stand there in their swimsuits.

Here's the Top 12:

Michigan * Tennessee * Hawaii * California * Georgia * Florida * Kentucky * DC * Indiana * Iowa * Arkansas * New York

To be honest, we're really surprised by Iowa's advancement. Other than that, we're pretty satisfied... They should let Clinton backstage, he's gay! I love the use of former Miss Americas.


I've decided I like the solid black swimsuits; the colored trims cheapen the look. I thought all the women did pretty well...

South Dakota - Damn she's tall! Great job.
Georgia - Very bouncy and perky; she has a USA system flavor.
Indiana - As the reality judges said, "she can do no wrong."
Alabama - Holy pageant hair!
Michigan- I like her but she's trying too hard; reminds me of Katie Harman and my mom of Renee Zellweiger.
Delaware - Cute but not super confident.
Arkansas - I don't care what anyone says, I think she wears her sex appeal very well! ;) I like her.
Hawaii - So pretty; very solid contestant. Mom says "she's a tiny little thing."
DC - Also has a USA quality; reminded my mom of Erin Jeffery.
Iowa - "She looks like she drives a tractor," says mom.
New York - Dad, the cosmetologist doesn't like her hair and thinks she walks funny.
California - Super cute, but why isn't she smiling?
Florida - Great confidence.
Kentucky - A bit awkward, but I like her; my mom thinks she looks scared.
Tennessee - Hey, look, Becky Minger! :) Stunning.




Why would they introduce the judges now? These intros should be used to give the contestants time to go change!

I am so disappointed... Miss Indiana, Miss Georgia and maybe even South Dakota would have surely gotten in the judges Top 11. They didn't need "America's vote!"


I'm watching with my mom and dad and just said to them, "Oh my gawd, I think I just liked an opening number for the first time in my life!"

Miss Texas' opening, "the bigger the hair, the closer to God," made may dad (a cosmetologist) roll his eyes. We think a lot of these contestants are really cute this year and I really like the following had good or funny intros:

District of Columbia


  1. Loved the opening number!!!

  2. Based purely on the swimsuit, I was also surprised by Iowa. However, I absolutly fell in love with her on the reality show. I have a feeling she won over the judges in her interview...she comes across very sweet and adorable.

  3. Abby, Georgia seemed nervous during talent, I believe it was because of the Mic malfunction, and Indiana rather "squinted" to get to her last note. Those two are the talents to beat as of now.. I'd say.

  4. Florida's "I can cook too" was absolutely adorable. I wasn't sure if she was having a wardrobe malfunction, however it was quickly resolved when she turned around.. Surprise! Such a fun dance!
    Can I say, TN--wow! That high note was spot on!

  5. Mario is just so cute. I vote for him!

  6. So disappointed that VA didn't make the cut for the Top 15; she looked great all week...but I'm happy for IN. Hum...seems like Miss America keeps getting closer to OH - last year MI and now IN. Come on OH for 2010!

    We have some great girls still competing; I wish people would stop being so negative and just support our girls! (On a side note - MOSP needs to start looking for a MA; not just a good Miss Ohio. If we have a MA girl, then it is a win-win for everyone!)

    Anyway, Congrats to Karissa! She is truly beautiful and hope she had a wonderful time competing.

  7. The live show was good though I felt the "Talent" portion was rushed. I loved Miss Florida's routine, as well both ballet numbers. Can anyone please tell me what song Miss New York sang? Thanks!!

  8. Pam, I think your comment is spot on. The best recruiting tool a state or local program could ever hope for is a Miss America. Look what it's done for states like Oklahoma, Michigan, and Hawaii.

  9. "Say the Word" I believe

  10. Miss New York's song was "Say The Word" The song can be found here.


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