Friday, January 23, 2009

Mobilize the Vote!

Unlike any other reality show I’ve ever seen, TLC’s Countdown to the Crown has not made its criteria clear. America is supposed to vote four of the fifteen Gold Sash winners to the Miss America Top 15, however, only one sash has been given in each of the first three shows. Obviously TLC and Miss America changed their plans half way through the filming and eleven sashes will have to be awarded during tonights final episode. Logic suggests an entire team plus a few “wildcards” will get the last sashes. Which team? Previews lead many fans to believe it’ll be the green team and I hope they’re right, as that’s Miss Ohio’s team!!!

Here’s the thing – much like American Idol, there’s a short window of time after the final episode to vote, which means we have to MOBILIZE THE VOTE NOW!!! I don’t think the four winners will be determined by TLC viewers, but rather by organized fans who have spread the word and are ready to vote for their contestant! I can not take credit for this idea, it was the brainchild of former ED and pageant coach, Maria Jones, who I am proud to call friend.

So what do we do? I’ve already created a group on Facebook with over 400 members and later today I’ll send them all a reminder message. I suggest we all send emails to our address books. Maria authored an email that is appropriate to send to pageant and non-pageant fans alike; you can copy it below. Also, please spread the word on blogs, MySpace, Facebook, text message, etc…

TONIGHT you can vote on the TLC WEBSITE after the show (11 PM) or via text message.

Hello to everyone,

Allie and Ann Krucek and I were all having a conversation Saturday night at our highschool's varsity hockey game about the latest episode of Countdown to the Crown. For those of you receiving this who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's the TLC 4-week reality show that's preceded this upcoming Saturday night's crowning of Miss America. As part of the reality show competition, the contestants have a shot at winning a gold sash, which puts them in the running for four spots in the Top Fifteen on pageant finals night. To win one of the four spots, the contestant must be one of the top four vote-getters from the public. After watching the previews for next week, we collectively are convinced that our own Miss Ohio, Karissa Martin is one of those golden sash award winners. Now here's where you come in...they will announce the 15 gold sash winners this upcoming Friday night for voting. We have a very tight window to help Karissa get that chance to compete on Saturday night for the title of Miss America. Please take the time on this coming Friday night, January 23rd to log on and vote for the chance for Karissa to live out her dream, and to hear OHIO called in the lineup at:


Maria Jones
Former local ED, Miss Olde Canal Days, Miss Canal Fulton, and Miss Buckeye State

P.S. Please forward this to anyone and everyone you think might help!

Please spread the word and be ready to *hopefully* vote for MISS OHIO TONIGHT at 11 p.m.!

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  1. You can see all the contestant profiles here contestant bios

    I'm cheering for Miss North Carolina


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