Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tonight : Preliminary Night Two of Miss America 2009

Tonight Miss Ohio Karissa Martin and the Alpha group will answer their On-stage Question. Last night the contestants seemed to be wearing cocktail attire, so I'm guessing Karissa will be in either the gold or green and pink dress she showed at her send-off.

The Sigma group will compete in Talent; the most buzz is around Miss Georgia to win the preliminary award. There is also mention of Utah, Arizona and Louisiana. The Mu group will model Evening Gown and Swimsuit. Some think the Swimsuit award will go to Miss District of Columbia or Arkansas.


  1. I think Miss Georgia will win based on her performances on Countdown to the Crown. I thought she was consistently good in all the episodes, which gives her a great shot at winning Miss America.

    Have you see the Crowning Around game that TLC made for Miss America? It lets you put your face on a Miss America gown. It's kinda of like elf yourself. It's really cute.

    Crowning Around

  2. I agree, I also think Miss Georgia will win. I thought last year, Miss Texas should have won. They both have an elegance about them. Lets hope Karissa can atleast be a runner-up..She looks wonderful in all her pictures!!!!
    Go Karissa/Miss Ohio!!!!


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