Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss America and the new Miss USA chime in on the California controversy!

This morning Miss America, Katie Stam, was on FOX and Friends, looking and sounding fantastic! I only wish she would have told the male anchor that all the questions at Miss USA were fair. (He confused the warm-up questions with the final questions.)

Also, the new Miss USA finally got her chance in the spotlight! Kristen Dalton was on Today. When asked California's question, she didn't actually answer it either! Why is no one getting this?! It's not that difficult. The question is NOT "do you think homosexuals should be able to legally marry?" It's, "should every state take steps to legalize gay marriage." Simply giving your opinion of gay marriage does not answer the question - someone personally or religiously opposed to gay marriage can still support the political process. For example, I know many people who would never, ever get an abortion. They personally feels it's wrong, but they still think that's a choice each woman should make for herself and that it should be legal. Get it? The way I see it, Perez Hilton's question has a few simple answers:

A. Yes, I think each state should hold an election, giving their constituents the opportunity to express how they want marriage to be defined in their state. As we have already seen, some states would pass the legalization of gay marriage and others would not; that is democracy at work and one of the great things about living in this country!

B. No, I do not think every state should take steps to legalize gay marriage, because....

C. (My answer!): Yes, I would like to see other states follow suit, but they shouldn't have to! Rather, I believe this is an issue of human rights and equality. Therefore our national leaders should legalize gay marriage on the federal level.

D. ?? I don't know, you tell me! Leave your answer in a comment.

Anyway, here's the new Miss USA:

She is very cute and confident, but I hate the new crown! Especially the way it made her ear stick out and how far back it sits on her head.


  1. Great minds think alike! When I was talking to my mom about this last night, the example I used was abortion. If you were asked "Do you think the Supreme Court has the right to make decisions about abortion?" an answer of "I believe that life begins at conception and abortion should be legal.." does NOT answer the question being asked. If that's your personal opinion, fine, but LISTEN to the question!

  2. D. I personally feel that the government should take steps to ensure that all Americans have equal rights. That being said, our federal government needs to end the controversy over the term marriage and what it implies. I believe that the definition of a marriage is a union between a man and a woman. The issue should then be passed onto the US Supreme Court to decide whether or not to recognize same-sex unions that would afford homosexual couples the same rights as heterosexual married couples. It should not be left up to individual states to decide.

  3. Hilton said that Vermont just recently became the 4th state to allow gay marriage and asked if she thought other states should follow. His question was not worded well either. He was asking if she thought that the rest of the states should make it legal, too, not if they should vote on it, etc. I think alot of people are confused about how he worded it.


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