Monday, April 13, 2009

Pageant Photos and Poll: Favorite Miss USA Gowns: Georgia to Maine

I mentioned below that sheer bottoms and heavy beading were the trend this year at Miss USA. Didn't believe me?
I give you Miss Hawaii...

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  1. Again, my thoughts on each are not as sugar coated as my blog generally is, but that’s why, as I did with my Miss America gown reviews, I’m hiding them in the comments section!

    Georgia – I love this gown! Of course, I’m a fan of iridescent materials, which some find tacky. I’m not crazy about the flower, but other than that it’s sexy, but classy, very figure flattering and she looks really confident!

    Hawaii – What the…?! Many feel she’s a front runner, and I do like her personality, but I think this gown is a huge mistake. I mean, hello 1992! It’s the Crystle Stewart/Kirsten Haglund bottom with outdated, heavily beaded lace. I don’t understand. No… just no!

    Idaho – She is one of two women who were photographed in two different gowns; I think this is the better of hers. There’s no front view of it, so I can’t say much. I do like that it is unique; the dress suits the woman, both have a European feel about them. She has a striking resemblance to Melania Trump, which could serve her very well in this competition!

    Illinois – I seem to be the originality police, so you may be surprised to read that I really like this gown selection. Even though the cut and the liquid beading are not super new, it’s not as overdone as others styles. I say THIS is how you make the trends your own instead of completely knocking off an exact gown! The color and design flatter this woman nicely; despite the cut-outs and deep-v neck, she looks about a thousand feet tall! Very beautiful!

    Indiana – She has such a pretty face – what was she thinking?! This is like an ill-fitted doily! Neither the color nor shape flatters her.

    Iowa – Well, this one fits better than Indiana’s but other than that the color is dull and the style is so unoriginal I want to cry! I’m trying to understand the logic that if a certain style has won three recent national titles that it must be the direction to go in… Okay, fine, but wouldn’t you try to improve on it? I’m sorry, but Indiana and Iowa’s gowns look like cheap knock-offs.

    Kansas – A few weeks ago there was a newspaper article with a picture of her in this gown; fans on the Miss USA board hated it. I’m rather indifferent. I think it cuts her in half and a jewel tone would have suited her better, but compared to some of the other gowns in this group, it’s not bad. Not bad at all…

    Kentucky – Would someone give her a sandwich ASAP! This gown certainly does its job of accentuating the smallest part of her waist! I’m surprised to see the acrylic hooker shoes, but she looks very beautiful.

    Louisiana – The antique gold is a great color on a tanned blond, she looks lovely and I’m anxious to see her work the volume of that skirt onstage. That being said, I think it cuts her in half, similar to, but not as badly as Kansas. I also have a gown with extra fabric pleats at the hips; I always worried it made me look hippier than I am. It adds a tad of bulk to her, but also speaks to how tiny she must be since it doesn’t add a lot.

    Maine – This woman looks fun and flirty, especially in the other pictures, but the gown looks way too promish to me, especially the tulle-looking pieces. I’m also not a fan of the black platform of her heel with a white and gold dress.

    I’m torn on who to vote for; my favorites are Georgia, Illinois and Kentucky. I am disappointed and baffled by Hawaii, Indiana and Iowa!

    Think I'm crazy?

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  2. I agree. Miss Hawaii is my #1 choice, but even I must admit that gown is fugly. Covering up a swan neck on a girl filled with grace and blessed with a stunning bod is just wrong. I feel bad. The first time I saw this dress I thought: WHOA. Hideous. This dress doesn't work.

    Good luck to ALL the girls on stage.

  3. Thank you! I was starting to think I was crazy because so many people love it. The collar and beading are SO outdated! And red lace makes me think of... well, not very appropriate things! LOL!


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