Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miss USA 2009: Not-so-live Blog: Evening Gown

Well The Veronica's are clearing lip syncing!


Arizona - I hated this gown in pictures, on the webcast and I still do! How did she score so high?
California - Absolutely stunning!
South Carlina - Her gown fits like a dream, but what is with the stripper shoes?
Kentucky - She is very girl-next-door meets elegant.
Utah - Still just DAMN! I'm surprised she scored low!
North Carolina - How funny, she described the white gown that she wore for the photo shoot, not the blue on she's competing in. I thought she was great, but her score was a bit too high.
Arkansas - I love this gown and attitude, but not her hair.
Texas - She's everything you'd expect Miss Texas to be! But I prefer the black gown she wore in the photo shoot.
West Virginia - She's so cute! I wonder if she looks almost too teenish.
Tennessee - STUNNING!

My Top 5 Predictions
(Though I know based on scores this isn't going to be right.)

North Carolina - Because I know she wins. My opinion is tainted and I can't say if I would have picked her if I didn't know. I am so pissed at whoever left that damn comment!

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