Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pageant Photos and Poll: Favorite Miss USA Gowns: Alabama to Florida

It seemed that everyone enjoyed discussing and voting for their favorite gowns during Miss America, so let's do the same for Miss USA using their pre-pageant photo shoot. I'll warn you, there are not many origianl designs; several are sheer-bottomed Crystle Stewart/Kirsten Haglund inspired gowns, and it appears beads, rhinestones, and even *gasp* sequins are making a big come back! Note, Miss USA contestants are notorious for switching gowns at the last minute, so these may not be what you see in competition.

Click on the state name for alternate views and click into the comments at the end of the post for my review of each gown.

Alabama -----*----- Alaska

Arizona -----*----- Arkansas

California -----*----- Colorado

Connecticut -----*----- Delaware

District of Columbia ----------*----------- Florida

Vote below for your favorite gown selection (for the given contestant) among this group.

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  1. Overall I think these first ten gown selections are weak! My thoughts on each are not as sugar coated as my blog generally is, but that’s why, as I did with my Miss America gown reviews, I’m hiding them in the comments section!

    Alabama – Gorgeous! I think she looks lovely and I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten any votes yet. I didn’t vote for her because that gown was worn in lavender by the 1st RU in 2007, Miss Rhode Island, Danielle Lacourse. See:

    Alaska – Those who know me know I love my peacock feathers! I like this dress, but it’s a PROM dress! Jovani has been making it, for what, three seasons now? Hopefully she competes with something else and saves this for appearances.

    Arizona – Really? There are no words. She is stunning – her face and hair are so beautiful, but whoever sold her this mess and encouraged her to wear it at a national pageant should be shot!

    Arkansas – She actually got my vote because the gown has a very Miss USA/Miss Universe vibe to it. It’s sexy, but still has an elegant full skirt. I’m betting it shows well on stage. I usually don’t like gowns with cut-outs, but this woman really makes it work; it suits her, and that's what it's all about, right?

    California – I think she is an absolute front runner for the crown! I love feathers, but it’s almost too much dress for her; however, she does pull it off better than most. You may recall Miss Wyoming was crucified for a similar gown at Miss America ( but I still think the hair ruined her overall look, not the gown! Miss California is one of my favorites among this group.

    Colorado – See Arizona. Well, actually it’s not as bad, but looks like a prom dress to me and not a competitive level gown for a national pageant.

    Connecticut – At first I didn’t like this gown at all, but then I realized this isn’t a very becoming pose. Being that it’s a silver and gold gown with flower details, it makes me think of Miss DCs gown at Miss America, which we all loved: I’ll bet Connecticut’s will also be amazing onstage!

    Delaware – I probably sound like a hypocrite because I liked Arkansas’ gown, but I don’t like this one. With the beaded cups, slit and straighter skirt, it is a bit too suggestive and no where near as classy.

    District of Columbia – I simply do not see what some of you see; I am very surprised it’s received votes. It’s just an orange version of the Crystle Stewart ( and I don’t think it does anything for her.

    Florida – I am shocked she hasn’t received any votes yet. I thought people would respond to the bright color (as we did with Hawaii at Miss America) and romantic style. That being said, I’m not crazy about its teen vibe.

    So those are my thoughts.
    Think I'm crazy?



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