Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miss Ohio 2009 Competition Line-up!

Buckeyes Flight

1. Becky Minger
2. Victoria Miller
3. Whitney Fricke
4. Emily Pheils
5. Nanciann Strosnider
6. Heather Wells
7. Erica Gelhaus
8. Jessica Barrett

Cardinals Flight

9. Katie Camp
10. Courtney Monk
11. Shannon O'Neill
12. Ellyn Bryan
13. Stephanie Rodgers
14. Alyssa Hanson
15. Katie Bowen
16. Kristen Haas

Carnations Flight

17. Kylie Johnson
18. Heather Waterman
19. Rebecca Zoz
20. Ashleigh Lemon
21. Sasha Eby
22. Amber Bussa
23. Ashley Warholic
24. Kristy Moneysmith
25. Jenna Wilson

Huge thanks to the mom who emailed me; I tried to post it from work, but my blogging ap wasn't functioning. I wouldn't be surprised if that post pops up a million times when my phone gets a better signal.

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