Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sweeps II

Sorry, Medina was a black hole for my data network...

Miss Heart of Ohio - Ashley Warholic
Miss Buckeye State - Courtney Monk

1st RU - Marisa Bucheit
2nd RU - Krystle Formosa

Contstant order:

Brandi Herceg
Sherry El Sakr
Marisa Bucheit
Ashley Warholic
Ashley Miller
Cassidy Brubaker
Devon Stansbury
Courtney Monk
Alicia Huyghe
Jen Ciccone
Kaley Mitchell
Danielle Henry
Jessica Nelson
Krystle Formosa


Carla Delianides
Amber Cleland
Jackie Drenan
Kim Baker Kanary
Suzie Harlan

Photos in a few hours when I get home...

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