Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss USA 2009: The California Controversy: Brook Lee speaks out!

I love and completely agree with former Miss USA and Miss Universe, Brook Lee's MySpace blog post:

Monday, April 20, 2009

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Ok so I know I haven't blogged in eon's but felt compelled...and that is a HEAVY word even for this beauty queen, but this Miss California, I can't even begin to describe...I was there in the theater for the pageant, and having gone through this (umm and actually won..)I can say with full confidence she did not lose the title of miss usa cause she had an unpopular opinion she LOST the pageant because she failed to be eloquent in voicing those opinions. I said many a controversial thing on my stages at both miss usa and miss universe, but I constructed my sentences in a way that a) made sense in the english language, and b) were witty.

But this ain't about me. She- and I don't need to say her name because as far as I am concerned she will just be "that miss california", I would just like her to be mindful of the fact that she didn't win be cause the gays were punishing her- TRUST ME that Manolo Blahnik Shoe will be dropping at every make up and wardrobe session she ever tries to do AGAIN in her life....She lost because she couldn't eloquently put her views across.

Is it hard to be in a bikini and a gown and have to answer a tough question in 30 secs in front of the world YES...but you know what it's the JOB and she should have been more prepared cause she isn't miss nova scotia she is Miss CALIFORNIA who gets TONS of media training, knows she wil be asked that question in her judges preliminary interviews cause Prop 8 was in her State...she SHOULD HAVE HAD A BETTER ANSWER, so don't say it's because of YOUR VIEWS you lost...you lost cause you CHOKED. LIVE WITH IT. Get down off the cross hun, there isn't room for you AND Jesus up there. Stop disrespecting Miss North Carolina like she didn't deserve to win...she won...now go crawl back into obscurity...or call Elizabeth Hasslebeck...cause you'll have to sleep on her couch...

Miss Universe 1997 OUT.

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  1. Could she be a little bit colder???


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