Sunday, April 26, 2009

Miss Ohio 2009: Talent Selections and Platforms!

Last weekend the Miss Ohio contestants met for Spring Forum. This is usual a meeting for the contestants, parents and EDs, to go over the logistics of pageant week, held in a hotel or school. This year in addition to receiving the important information, the contestants spent the night at a 4-H camp and participated in team building exercises. Check out Heather Wells' blog for pictures!

Of course, there was a good amount of debate about this, especially because contestants supposedly had to pay and parents had to either pay for a hotel or drive back and forth. I think I've written before that I am not a fan of forums; after you've been to Miss Ohio once, they become mind-numbing and tedious. I don't think it needs to last more then a few hours, let alone over night and for a fee!

Also new this year, the contestants have been enrolled in The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. I'm not entirely clear on the details of it and don't have an opinion, but here's the website.

And now for the information you really want! I've been sitting on this for a week due to all the Miss USA drama; I give you, the contestant's talent selections and platforms! You'll notice several interesting new choices from returning contestants.

Wed. - Talent, Thurs. - Swimsuit, Fri - Gown & OSQ

Miss Fallen Timbers, Becky Minger
vocal "I was Born to Love You"
Building self-esteem through Discovering Y.O.U.

Miss West Central Ohio, Victoria Miller
dance "Man with a Hex"
Skin Cancer Awareness

Miss Cuyahoga County, Whitney Sue Fricke
vocal "Forget About the Boy"
Loving yourself from the inside out: educating young girls on true beauty

Miss Bay Village, Emily Pheils
vocal "Lost In Your Eyes"
Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

Miss Mansfield, Nanciann Strosnider
vocal "Happy days are here again"
Reconnecting the Missing Link

Miss Ohio River, Heather Wells
lyrical dance "Via Dolorosa"
Groomed 4 Success

Miss Clayland, Erica Gelhaus
vocal "So andhio La virtu Magica"
Turning the page for Children's Literacy

Miss Greater Cleveland, Jessica Barrett
vocal "I enjoy being a girl"
The Importance of Organ Donation

Wed. - Gown & OSQ, Thurs. - Talent, Fri. - Swimsuit

Miss Miami Valley, Katie Camp
tap dance "Big Time"
Choose Children Volunteer

Miss Buckeye State, Courtney Monk
vocal "Someone Like You"
Importance of Music in Education

Miss Maumee Valley, Shannon O'Neill
vocal "As if we never said goodbye"
T.O.N.E. our Children: teaching about obesity, nutrition & exercise

Miss Lake Festival, Ellen Bryan
vocal "I want to go to Hollywood"
Get Motivated, Get Involved, Get Results

Miss Muskingum Valley, Stephanie Rodgers
vocal "Mercy On Me"
Prevent Child Abuse America

Miss Scioto Valley, Alyssa Hanson
vocal "Til there was you"
Promoting Positive Self Esteem in Young Women

Miss All*American City, Katie Bowen
flute "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"
Special Olympics: Disability Doesn't Mean Inability

Miss Ohio Valley, Kristen Haas
dance "Diamonds are a girls best friend"
Preventing Heart Disease in Women

Wed. - Swimsuit, Thurs. - Gown & OSQ, Fri. - Talent.

Miss North East Ohio, Kylie Johnson
violin "Orange Minuet"
Go GREEN: Environmental Awareness

Miss Northwestern Ohio, Heather, Waterman
vocal "So Much Better"
Ready, Set, Motivate

Miss Greater Butler County, Rebeka Zoz
vocal "Journey to the past"
Faces with Places

Miss Maple City, Ashleigh Lemon
vocal "Wishing you were here again"
Conservation for the Next Generation: The Race Against Time

Miss North Coast, Sasha Eby
vocal "I'm a Stranger here Myself"
Promoting Abstinence in Today's Teens

Miss Portsmouth, Amber Bussa
vocal "Popular"
Importance of Volunteerism

Miss Heart of Ohio, Ashley Warholic
dance "Sir Duke"
Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America FCCLA

Miss Mohican Valley, Kristy Moneysmith
vocal "You Raise Me Up"
Mentoring through Leadership and Role Modeling

Miss Lake Erie, Jenna Wilson
vocal "Maybe this time"
March of Dimes

This was a ton of information, so please leave a comment if I mis-ordered the ladies or had any typos. Huge thanks to the very reliable source who shared this with me!


  1. Nanciann---boring song. I wish she would get a different one because she's a really good singer.

  2. Nanciann won prelim Talent awards with this selection in both 2007 and 2008, so I would imagine her logic is, "if it's not broke, don't fix it!"

    Yes, we've all seen her do it, but the judges haven't and it's their scores that matter.

    Only time will tell...!

  3. Abby,

    Nanciann DID NOT win a prelim in 2008. Jenna Wilson did.

  4. Oh, thanks for the correction!

    I can't believe I forgot that, I love Jenna! :)

  5. this is courtney monk, and my platform is importance of MUSIC in education. i changed it on all of my paperwork, but it still seems to be confused.


  6. Thanks for letting me know. :)

    I'm on my phone now, but I'll fix it later when I'm online.


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