Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miss USA 2009: Not-so-live Blog: Final Question

The Final Question, asked by the judges:

North Carolina: from judge Kelly Monoco: Should tax payers money be used to bail out struggling companies. Why or why not?

She said no; that it should go toward bettering our education, well fare and health care. She did hesitate, but gave a great answer that the audience absolutely loved!

Arizona: from Kenan Thompson: Should the USA have nationalized health care?

She talked in a circle, saying it's an issue of integrity no matter which side of the political spectrum you're on. She did NOT answer the question!

Utah: from Claudia Jordan: Hilary Clinton pledged 40 million dollars to help Iraq hold an election, with our recession was this the right thing to do?

She said yes, which is probably not the popular answer, but she was very well spoken.

California: from Perez Hilton: Vermont became the 4th state to legalize gay marriage; should every state do this?

OMG!!!! I wish I had Tivo or DVR so badly right now!!!! My heart is broken; she was my favorite to win prior to learning that North Carolina did. Her answer was horrible. She talked in circles and I completely disagree with the opinion she finally admitted (that marriage should only be between a man and woman). The look on the very gay Perez Hilton's face was priceless! SHE JUST LOST THE PAGEANT WITH THAT ANSWER! She could have stated that opinion in a MUCH better way and been fine, like Utah did.

Kentucky: from Brian Graden: As Miss USA would you have spoken out about the Chris Brown/Rhianna issue?

She basically said yes because domestic violence is so negative. Good, well crafted answer.

My Runners-up Predictions:

I know North Carolina wins, and based on her final question and gorgeous barbi doll looks, I am happy with that.

1st RU: Utah
2nd RU: Kentucky
3rd RU: California
4th RU: Arizona


  1. There is a clarification here: Hilton asked her if every other state should follow Vermont and the other three states and legalize gay marriage, NOT if each state should get to vote on it as stated later in your blog.

  2. I thank you for your comment. I do try my hardest to keep my factual content correct.

    In this case, yes, I have rephrased the question several times, but I don't think I have lost the general intent at any point.


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