Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sweeps I - Photo Review

Miss Ohio River, Heather Wells

Talent: Jazz Dance to "Baby I'm a Star"
OSQ: President Obama has proposed mandatory community volunteering; is it really volunteering if it's mandatory?
Strengths: Just watching Heather's dance makes me tired! She is so full of energy! Tonight her answer during on stage question was great and she is very strong in Swimsuit; Heather is an undeniably strong and consistent competitor.

Miss Mohican Valley, Kristy Moneysmith

Talent: Country Vocal to "When a Man Loves a Woman"
OSQ: Do you agree with the sponsors who canceled their contracts with Michael Phelps?
Strengths: Kristy's vocals tonight were great; her voice was so rich and soulful, it almost didn't sound right coming from a blond in blue feathers! Her swimsuit was great and while I always thought her brown/animal print gown was sassy and unique, the new green gown is beautiful and far more flattering. She is also a very strong competitor overall.

First Runner-up Ashley Warholic

Talent: Jazz Ballet en Pointe to "Canned Heat"
OSQ: Has President Obama kept his promise to fix the economy?
Strengths: Ashley is just so likable and easy to root for! Her evening gown is exquisite, her talent is entertaining and she truly shines on stage.

Second Runner-up Alicia Huyghe

Talent: Tap Dance to Sing, Sing, Sing
OSQ: Something about Governor Strickland raising the speed limit for semi trucks...?
Strengths: We had no luck capturing a good shot of Alicia - sorry - she really looked great tonight and has become a very solid competitor. She gave a rather unexpected and honest answer to her on stage question, which I quite liked.

Kaley Mitchell

Talent: Lyrical Dance to "Butterfly"
OSQ: Was it inappropriate for Michelle Obama to touch Queen Elizabeth's shoulder during their recent visit?
Strengths: Though we usually prefer vocalists, tonight we thought the dancers were more impressive, including Kaley. She had entertaining tricks within a touching performance.

Brandi Herceg

Talent: Vocal/Dance to "I Want to be a Rockette"
OSQ: Something about school violence...?
Strengths: Tonight Brandi wore a new evening gown that is very figure flattering on her! It's a nice upgrade.

Ashley Miller

Talent: Vocal to "From a Distance"
OSQ: Something about Children's Miricle Network and Miss America...?
Strengths: I absolutely loved Ashley's wardrobe! She is beautiful and carries herself well in Swimsuit and Evening Gown.

Devon Stansbury

Talent: Lyrical Dance to "Candle Light"
OSQ: With all the recent scandals with celebrities and athletes like Alex Rodriquez and Chris Brown, do you think teens are picking the wrong role models?
Strengths: Devon was very confident in swimsuit and gave an unexpected, but very strong answer to her on stage question. Tonight I learned the talent time has not been changed to 90 seconds at locals, though that is what the contestants were asked to use last weekend at Miss GBC. Unfortunately Devon did not know she could use her full version at Sweeps and only has her 90 second cut from last weekend with her, but she still gave an emotional performance.

Cassidy Brubaker

Talent: Flute to "I say a little prayer"
OSQ: Was it right/fair for the country of Malawi to denied Madonna's recent request for adoption?
Strengths: Cassidy made great efforts to make her talent flashier than most instrumentalists. Her evening gown did not have a typical pageant-vibe, but suited her extremely well.

Jen Ciccone

Talent: Vocal to "Through the Eyes of Love"
OSQ: Given the recent news and trouble with 'sexting,' should kids be allowed to have cell phones?
Strengths: Jen was able to tie her onstage question back to her platform work and gave a great answer.

Danielle Henry

Talent: Lyrical Dance to "Rock you baby"
OSQ: How will President Obama's new tax plan effect non-profits such as the Miss Ohio organization?
Strengths: Danielle stood out to my family; her dance was emotional, her look is unique and her gown was one of the best on stage tonight!

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  1. Devon's 90 second version is very unfortunate, but is a great example of why locals should be monitored to follow the same rules as state. It is only detrimental to the contestants for the lack of consistency from one local to another and then to State.


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