Saturday, June 27, 2009

Best of Luck to Laura, Jackie and Katleyn


Laura Pennington for Miss Virginia

Laura is a Masters student at Virginia Tech, but she is a native Buckeye. She used to compete in Ohio locals, but this is now her second title in Virginia. She is a tap
dancer who made the Top 11 last year.

- Thursday winners: SS: Elizabeth Crot; Talent: Caitlin Uze
- Friday winners: SS: Brittany Young; Talent: Caressa Cameron

Jackie Jerlecki in Miss Indiana

Jackie is an Indiana native, but is a student at Bowling Green State University. She is a vocalist and seemed to be a perpetual 1st Runner-up at Ohio locals before winning her first MAO title, in her home state.

- Wednesday winners: SS: Brittany Hagan; Talent: Gabrielle Reed

- Thursday winners: SS: Paige Brandt; Talent: Nicole Pollard

Katelyn Koval at Miss Pennsylvania

Katelyn is an Ohio native who competed at Miss Ohio back when I was still a contestants, I believe she was Miss Open City '06...? This is her third title in Pennsylvania where she studies dance at Point Park; if TFTJ is right, she made the Top 10 in '07.

- Wednesday winners: SS: Andrea Helfrich; Talent: Sarah Timm
- Thursday winners: SS: Shauna Rice; Talent: Kelsey Pitini

Two-time Miss Ohio semifinalist, Christie Youssef, would have been competing tonight in her home state of California, but relinquished the local California title that she won the night she should have been crowning her successor in Ohio.

Also, Sophia Davis will compete in Miss DC on July 12; she looks fantastic in her new
contestant photo!

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