Saturday, June 6, 2009

Miss Ohio 2009 Contestants by Seniority

Pageant Freshman

Katie Bowen -Miss All*American City
Ellen Bryan - Miss Lake Festival
Amber Bussa - Miss Portsmouth
Sasha Eby - Miss North Coast
Whitney Sue Fricke -Miss Cuyahoga County
Kylie Johnson - Miss North East Ohio
Ashleigh Lemon-Miss Maple City
Courtney Monk - Miss Buckeye State
Emily Pheils - Miss Bay Village
Stephanie Rodgers - Miss Muskingum Valley
Ashley Warholic - Miss Heart of Ohio
Rebeka Zoz- Miss Greater Butler County

Pageant Sophomore

Katie Camp - Miss Miami Valley**
Victoria Miller - Miss West Central Ohio*
Kristy Moneysmith - Miss Mohican Valley
Shannon O'Neill - Miss Maumee Valley**
Heather Waterman - Miss Northwestern Ohio
Heather Wells - Miss Ohio River

Pageant Juniors

Jessica Barrett - Miss Greater Cleveland*
Erica Gelhaus - Miss Clayland***
Alyssa Hansen - Miss Scioto Valley
Jenna Wilson - Miss Lake Erie***

Pageant Seniors

Kristen Haas - Miss Ohio Valley**
Becky Minger - Miss Fallen Timbers***

Pageant Super Senior

Nanciann Strosnider - Miss Mansfield***

*- previous non-finalist talent award at Miss Ohio
** - previous Top 10 at Miss Ohio
*** - previous Top 5 at Miss Ohio


  1. I believe Heather Waterman is a sophomore. She competed last year.

  2. Hey Abby,

    This is really cute! However, I believe that Heather Waterman would be a sophomore. Just thought I'd let you know before other people start freaking out or something lol.

  3. Yes, indeed - Miss Lake Festival and now Miss Northwestern Ohio!

    Clerical error, thanks for catching it. :)



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