Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Winner - Veronica Wende

1st RU - Sophia Carter
2nd RU - Kelsey Barrett
3rd RU - Monica Bates
4th RU - Kendall Diver

Talent - Kelsey Barrett
Interview - Sophia Carter
Gown - Kelsey Barrett

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  1. 4th was Kendall
    3rd was Monica
    2nd was Kelsey
    1st was Sophie
    Winner is Veronica

    Talent and Gown awards go to Kelsey
    Interview goes to Sophie

    It took a verrrrrrryyyyyyy Loooonnnngggg Time for them to get the results. They sent the girls back off stage for a break from standing it was taking so long and our Title holders ran out of things to talk about:)

    It had to be really close because I went back and watched the talents and on stage question for the top five and they were all pretty good I thought.

  2. Abby - Did you know that Emily Fitzpatrick now lives in L.A.? You 2 should hook up. Let me know if you want her e-mail address.


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