Friday, June 19, 2009

Miss Ohio 2009: Live Blog Preliminary Night Three


Swimsuit - Courtney Monk
Fans online are also guessing Katie Camp or Kristen Haas.

Talent - JENNA!!!
No one is speculating any differently...

I was most impressed by Becky and Jessica in Onstage Question.


Becky Minger - "What are the first steps to helping a child with low self esteem?"
In a unique blue dress, she gave four concise steps. Great job!

Victoria Miller - "What should we look for to know if we have skin cancer?"
In a black and white outfit, Victoria gave the "ABCs" of detection. She looked a bit scared, but spoke well.

Whitney Fricky - "How can you be an effective role model to girls with low self esteem?"
In a salmon colored suit, she was very passionate.

Emily Pheils - "How can you counteract negative body image influences from ones own family?"
Wow, she really listened to the question and gave a stat directly relating to it. She wore hot pink and black.

Nanciann Strosnider - "Why aren't arts programs a requirement?"
I LOVE her hot pink, satin dress. She was passionate and spoke like a pageant vet/politician!

Heather Wells - "What does 4H instill?"
She wore a cute black and white dress trimmed in hot pink. I am surprised that Heather almost got tongue tied, but pulled it off.

Erica Gelhaus - "Why can athletes be effective in promoting literacy?"
In a simple black dress she spoke well, clearly answering the question.

Jessica Barrett - "Should family members be able to overturn ones wishes to donate organs?"
Wow, that question seemed loaded and more difficult than the others! But in a red suit, she answered it very well!



I've waited a year to hear her sing "The Girl in 14G." I missed it during last years webcast and it never found it to YouTube or anything. Finally! Karissa is very talented and lovely. Wait, did she just say "daddy Kunkle!?"

"Chaperon Dana, we always had a blast, even though we always manage to get ourselves in trouble with Sharon!" LOL! That's hilarious and something of an inside joke for those who have been to Mansfield.

Karissa's video was nice; she's witty. And now she's dancing! I love when outgoing titleholders surprise us with talents we hadn't seen before. What an absolutely beautiful lyrical dance.

Great job Karissa! Thanks for a wonderful year!


They just announced that Miss Ohio's first appearance will be Sunday at the Richland County Mall from 2 to 4 p.m. (Folks have been asking online.)

Also, Angie with Picture Perfect is the official photographer again this year.


Katie Camp -
Orange piped in white - slow and controlled

Courtney Monk -
Light teal - Very confident, she could surprise people!

Shannon O'Neill -
Basic black - I think this simple suit was a great choice for her. I liked her voice over, which sort of took control of the fact that she has a more womanly figure than other contestants.

Ellen Bryan -
Also basic black - nice body, but a bit fast.

Alyssa Hanson -
A black one-piece - I LOVE her song, "Poker Face" and I think the one piece was a really smart decision for her.

Katie Bowen -
Teal - I think she showed her laid back personality, but was a little awkward.

Kristen Haas -
Black piped in pink - confident!



Kylie Johnson - Violin "Orange Minuet"
The orange dress and flower area bit too literal for my taste, but, I like the way she started out traditionally and is now trying to "break it down."

Heather Waterman - vocal "So Much Better"
I like Heather's interaction with Maxwell, very cute. Fans online were skeptical of her ability to pull this song off, but her energy and enthusiasm was strong; her onstage polish has come a long way.

Rebekah Zoz - vocal "Journey to the Past"
I watched Rebekah win her local and she sounds even better tonight; she's very natural behind the mic and seems to be thriving on the big stage, whereas most new contestants let the nerves get in the way. The end cut off, but overall, really great job.

Ashleigh Lemon - vocal "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again"
With Maxwell, she made him recycle a can since that's her platform; I love the way the contestants are interacting with him tonight. Kudos to her if that was her idea. Smart. I really like her wavy hairdo, but I can't say the same for the song... It's overdone and just not a good selection. You can't sing that song and not go for the high note at the end!

Sasha Eby - vocal "I'm a stranger here myself"
I've been saying all week that she has a super cute Teen USA vibe, so I love that she and Maxwell just joked about going to prom. LOL! She's adorable, very expressive, but seems a bit nervous and she lost steam at the end.

Amber Bussa - vocal "Popular"
I don't know about you, but I can't help but thinking about Jessica Barrett's rendition... Amber is SO CUTE! I love the dress and look at those guns! However, her vocals aren't quite up to par.

Ashley Warholic - jazz dance "Sir Duke"
As I've said a million times before, I'm not a dancer. I've read that Ashley's ballet was not super technical, which is probably why she changed it, but as an ignorant dance watcher, I think it was a bit more impressive than just this jazz dance.

Kristy Moneysmith - vocal "You Raise Me Up"
We all know Kristy is a strong, powerful country vocalist, so I didn't know what to expect out of this odd song choice from her. She looks beautiful but I am underwhelmed. I have heard her perform much stronger vocals. :(

I feel so mean saying, "they shoulda stuck with the old..." but that's the way I feel about Ashley and Kristy's talent.

Jenna Wilson - vocal "Maybe This Time"
Wow! Jenna looks stunning, I love the glamorous hair and gown! Fantastic! Such strong vocals and flawless presentation! She is the talent winner, hands down!


OMG - JOHNNY PORRAZZO!!!! Now we're talking. :)

Ah, I love Johnny, he is the best pageant emcee and entertainer. He emceed when I competed and he was amazing to work with! I hope they bring out a piano for him tomorrow night.


Becky Minger - A stunning white gown with fan detail, one cap sleeve and ruffled skirt. Lovely!

Victoria Miller - Purple, strapless satin; elegant and the big bow on the back suits her youth well.

Whitney Fricky - Lime green, beaded; I've been rooting for Whitney, but I'm not a huge fan of the color. The cut and beading are great though.

Emily Pheils - WOW!!! Amazing red strapless. Fabulous; great job Jay and Mama Pheils!

Nanciann Strosnider - The white Grecian gown she wore two years ago. I love, love, love this on her. Nanciann's best gown, in my opinion.

Heather Wells - Dark purple satin that she won her local in; she's always smoldering with confidence and sex appeal.

Erica Gelhaus - A new light blue (or teal?) gown; she was slow and confident. I like the unique top and am anxious to see the details better in a photo... it was kind of hard to see on the webcast.

Jessica Barrett - Red, one shoulder, Grecian goddess gown; it's very simply and elegant.


Kudos to Jeff (I assume) for the chic "Miss Ohio" lead in to the website; it's like the logo TLC used for the recent reality show. And, of course, the webcast itself is awesome! Although, it seems there's no live chat room tonight. Is anyone seeing it?


  1. i can't view the webcast. it just acts like its loading. any suggestions...

  2. After the many rude remarks last night, I am glad it is not running tonight. It is so easy to criticize behind a screen name.

  3. Hhmmm... First poster, I hope you got it working.

    And second commenter, I was half way paying attention to it last name (with my real name)and didn't think it got too awful. I mean, it moves so quickly which helps to combat the bashing, unlike message boards where it's easier to see everything and negativity snowballs.


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