Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Erica's First Few Appearances

"Keeping up with Karissa" had such a nice ring to it; I can't think of a line for Erica. Suggestions? Anyway, here's what our new Miss Ohio is up to:

Monday, June 29th - Primrose, Mansfield - 2 pm
Saturday, July 4 - Coshocton Fairgrounds - 4 - 8 pm
Sunday, July 5 - St. Henry Picnic - 3 - 7 pm
Tuesday, July 7 - WCMH-TV, Columbus - 4 pm
Thursday, July 9 - Miss Lake Festival Fundraiser,
Bella's Italian Grill, Celina - evening

Friday, July 10 - WCSM Radio (Mercer County) - 12:35 pm
Saturday, July 11 - Mechanicsburg Parade & Festival
Monday, July 20 - Miss Lake Festival Pageant, Celina - 8 pm
Saturday, July 25 - Lake Festival Parade, Celina - 2 pm??

Call 419-557-2724 to book Erica!

Also, 4th Runner-up, Ellen Bryan, might appear on Good Morning America on Thursday, July 2, to speak about her platform; however, live TV shows are always subject to change.


  1. Erica was also at the Statehouse on Tuesday and was introduced to the House and the Senate. She was even allowed to speak asking members to keep libraries close to their hearts when they voted on the budget plan. There is a video of each on the State House's website.

  2. Hmmm how about....Erica's Expeditions as Miss Ohio?? I'm really not that creative but at least it's alliteration lol.

  3. How about, "Everyday with Erica"? That has a nice ring to it.

  4. I like Erica's Expeditions! Its cute and has a great ring to it!

  5. "Excellence with Erica"


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