Saturday, June 20, 2009

Miss Ohio 2009: FINALE LIVE BLOG!

Wow, they should have cut out a production number or two and shown that blooper reel instead! That was fantastic and THAT is the side of the women that people need to see.

And now Johnny is killing time and singing "Light House," one he always does and does well! They pulled the contestants back off stage and Johnny's filling time, while you could still hear Mark over his mic saying "I hope I don't have to rush through these awards... my watch must be fast." LOL! Gotta love live TV.

Our Predictions:

Loren and I agree on the following placement:

Winner - Nanciann
1st RU - Jenna
2nd RU - Becky
3rd RU - Erica
4th RU - Ellen

We feel like Jenna and Becky could be swapped. I would love to see Becky win, but I think Nanciann's consistency could do it for her. Honestly, this is the best Top 5 in a long time.



Nanciann -
"Should the USA have the right to dictate if countries have nuclear weapons?" Answer: Not solely... United Nations.
Fantastic answer!

Becky -
"Is it appropriate to provide foreign aid in such poor economic times in the US?"
She did answer the question, but it was not as concise as it could have been.

Erica -
"Should the government set rules for in vetro fertilization?"
Answer: It should have a government vote.
She spoke well, but the answer was extremely generic.

- Something about deporting immigrants...
Answer: Protect boarders and evaluate each case.
Strong answer.

Ellen -
"Is it time for the USA to have national health care?"
Answer: Yes, but it can't all be the same.
I felt like she spoke in circles.



Me: I'm so nervous!

Loren: Yeah, sit in the audience once when someone you care about it up there... What the hell is that [toward an old ladies foot during the Primrose commercial].


Our Top 5 predictions


Erica OR Katie



With all due respect to the prelim winners, Loren and I were most impressed by Nanciann, Jenna and Heather.


Nanciann - I like her hair down better, but her vocals aren't as strong as her prelim night. I'm sure she was in a crazy rush to the stage being first. Loren wasn't impressed, but I'm a big Nanciann fan.

Katie - She's really on tonight and looks like she's having a blast on stage. Again, Loren wasn't wowed, but he's a tough judge.

Becky - I love the way this song starts, allowing her to be very expressive. Over the webcast the high notes were still a little pinched, but overall I think the vocals were better than her prelim performance! Loren thought it was great, but like me he's bias.

Erica - Again, a solid performance, with great vocals, as you would expect from a prelim winner and vocal performance major! Loren loved her dress and said she "killed it, as I expected her to."

Kylie - Oh, I didn't realize she pulled the flower out of her hair, I thought it had fallen during her prelim. What's the point? Other than that, I though tonight she was worlds better with much more energy!

Jenna - Flippin' Fantastic! I love her! The song seems really short, but another great performance from Jenna. Loren says it's the strongest he's ever heard her.

Ellen - Yes, Maxwell, Hollywood is a very expensive place to live. LOL! Like I said before, this songs fits Ellen; she doesn't have the strongest vocals onstage, but it's cute.

Sasha - I wish she would have done something with her hair, a low ponytail maybe. I think she's charming and I absolutely had her in my Top 10. However, tonight she sounds incredibly nervous.

Heather - She poured a lot of emotion into her dance tonight. I think it was even better than her prelim night and her hair and makeup look nicer too. Loren liked it, although he's not a dance fan.

Shannon - She's so polished! In the past I recall not liking that gown, but tonight I find myself loving it. Her performance is very solid; she's good at what she does.

Loren and I agree Jenna and Erica were the top two talents tonight. He says Becky's a close third, and I say Katie...



I'm not writing about each, because that would be redundant. I'm also on a live webchat with Loren; we liked the first three the best (Nanciann, Katie and Becky). We only really disagreed on Sasha, I think she's adorable and Loren, well, via the webcast thought the liquid beading looked a bit... suggestive.


Nanciann Strosnider
Katie Camp
Becky MInger
Erica Gelhaus
Kylie Johnson
Jenna Wilson
Ellen Bryan
Sasha Eby
Heather Wells
Shannon O'Neill

I think this is a good Top 10; however, I thought Whitney and Kristen would have been in there.

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