Thursday, June 18, 2009

Miss Ohio 2009: Live Blog Preliminary Night Two

My Predictions

Swimsuit - Becky or Heather
Talent - Katie Camp, Kristen or Shannon, if they don't go for the dancers

I was most impressed by Ashleigh Lemon's onstage answer.



Kylie Johnson - "How does one initiate going green?"
I think Kylie looks great, but she didn't really answer the question, which you all know I'm a big stickler on!

Heather Waterman - "How do you instill children set and reach their goals?"
She didn't really give a clear answer, but looks really cute - great colored shirt and hair cut.

Rebekah Zoz - an airplane flew over from Burbank, I didn't hear the exact question...
She seemed very passionate about her platform though.

Ashleigh Lemon - "Is it time to drill in currently restricted areas for oil?"
She was very well spoken! She listened and gave a very thoughtful answer.

Sasha Eby - "Other negative impacts of teen sex?"
She also listened and gave a strong answer with tangible examples.

Amber Bussa - "Is it really teaching the importance of volunteering if it's a requirement?"
Wow, she's so cute! She gave a clear, concise answer, which I would expect of a question she's surely gotten a thousand times.

Ashely Warholic - "What piece of advice would you give to our leaders?"
She said enthusiasm, which is a great attribute that she clearly has as well. I'm an Ashley fan, but her wording could be a tad more concise.

Kristy Moneysmith - "How do you identify children who need a mentor?"
Love her dress! Kristy spoke with passion, but it was almost like she was yelling. She gave a good answer, but it almost started to go in circles.

Jenna Wilson - "Are birth defects genetic or due to the practices of the mother?"
Also a very cute dress! Jenna gave a great answer, addressing both sides of the issue, so to speak.


Becky Minger - Green and shiny - smooth and confident!

Victoria Miller - Black trimmed in teal - good personality.

Whitney Fricky - Teal - Why is there always at least one contestant "walking on sunshine?" Great body.

Emily Pheils - Blue - Emily looks great, you can tell she's really committed and worked!

Nanciann Strosnider - Teal trimmed in white - super confident, as always!

Heather Wells - Shiny Teal - Really sassy and sexy!

Erica Gelhaus - Hot pink trimmed in black - Flirty like her talent last night, a little on the quick side.

Jessica Barrett - Red - That was a daring little red bikini for Jessica! I liked her song selection and she always has great personality.



Katie Camp - Tap to "Big Time"
I like her cute hot pink and black dance outfit. I'm not a dancer, but it was very entertaining; folks online say it was technically sound.

Courtney Monk - vocal "Someone Like You"
She's wearing the gold gown she performed in at her local; I agree with someone online who said she had some nerves, but her vocals were solid for the most part. She's a very expressive, passionate vocalist.

Shannon O'Neill - vocal "As If We Never Said Goodbye"
Shannon looks beautiful! She's wearing her burgundy gown with illusion top. Ballads suit her voice well.

Ellen Bryan - vocal "I want to go to Hollywood"
In a red cocktail dress Ellen continues to remind me of Miss Ohio USA. She is bringing a lot of energy and I think she selected a fun song that fits her voice.

Alyssa Hanson - vocal "Till There Was You"
Alyssa is in a gorgeous hot pink gown; she has no shortage of great wardrobe pieces. This is a beautiful, classic, song, so on one hand I can appreciate the simple piano accompaniment. But for the purposes of Miss Ohio, I think fuller instrumentation would have helped.

Katie Bowen - flute
Oh, it's the song they always play at weddings... She looks amazing! The white strapless gown suits the song and her hair is very Katie Harman.

Kristen Haas - jazz dance "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friends"
Now that's how you take your place on stage! Way to make use of her time. I love her cute black fringe costume with pink accents. Although folks online weren't impressed, I thought it was the most entertaining of the flight!


Kylie Johnson - Basic, elegant black - I'm glad she slowed down in comparison to her Swimsuit last night.

Heather Waterman - Purple - very nice, but I think I prefer her animal print gown.

Rebekah Zoz - Black - this is a nice upgrade from her local gown. Not crazy about the hair.

Ashleigh Lemon - Illusion top, red/orange skirt - Wow, the red really stands out; she seems very confident.

Sasha Eby - Black liquid beading - She continues to have a teen vibe to me, not that that's bad, just saying.

Amber Bussa - A green/tan print - this doesn't read well online, I'm sure it's great in person.

Ashley Warholic - Chic black, velvet maybe - Very classy, but I love her in color, especially her yellow gown.

Kristy Moneysmith - White, or tan maybe - Flattering and elegant.

Jenna Wilson - Hot pink Grecian - I love Jenna, but I don't know if this gown does her justice.

And with that, my screen just froze.


If you're not already watching, log on to to watch and chat!

Right now they're introducing the judges in WWE style! Um... it's Donald Trump that just bought Raw, not Miss America. LOL!

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