Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday Night's Miss State Winners - Part 2

The following women were crowned on June 27th; they are in no particular order. Be sure to click on names and talents in blue for videos and links.

Miss North Carolina
Katherine Southard

Elon College & University of North Carolina / Business & Dance
Talent: Ballet
Scoliosis: Ahead of the Curve
Pageant Past: 3rd RU '08, Prelim SS '05
Preliminary Talent (tie)

Miss Nevada
Christina Keegan

Education: Pennsylvania's Rosemont College / University of Utah School of Medicine
Ballet en Point
Platform: Strength Over Silence: Rape Education and Prevention
Pageant Past: competed in PA in '07 and NV in '08

Miss Georgia
Emily Cook

Education: University of Miami/University of Georgia School of Law
Talent: Oboe “Carmen Fantasy”
Platform: Breast Cancer Research and Awareness
Pageant Past: competed in FL in '08
Preliminary Evening Gown, Interview, S. Davis Laney Legal Studies Scholarship, original 1st RU*

*NOTE: Cook was the 1st RU on Saturday night; the woman crowned, Kristina Higgins, relinquished the title on Sunday stating, “Due to my current job responsibilities as a middle school teacher and the responsibilities and time commitment as Miss Georgia, I have decided to not fulfill the duties of Miss Georgia 2009. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been chosen as Miss Georgia and fully support the system and wish Emily Cook the best of luck,” Higgins was a Preliminary Talent, Swimsuit and CMN winner. This was her third time competing, having been 2nd Runner-up in '08; she knew what she was getting into, so I find her change of heart extremely selfish, irresponsible and annoying!

Miss Colorado
Katie Layman


Contemporary lyrical dance
Lunch with Sienna
Pageant Past:
Preliminary Evening Gown

Miss Connecticut
Sharalynn Kuziak

Education: Quinnipiac University
Talent: Vocal & Tap
Walkin' on Sunshine Program: The Healing Power of Music
Pageant Past: 4th RU in '08
Preliminary Swimsuit

Miss Hawaii
Raeceen Anuenue Woolford

Education: University of Hawaii / Heath Studies
Hula dance
Keiki Ohana – Giving Every Child and Family a Chance
Pageant Past: 3rd RU in '08

Miss Rhode Island
Julianna Strout

Education: University of Massachusetts
Talent: Vocal "I got rhythm"
Recovery from Sexual Abuse
Pageant Past:

As always, I got these photos and information from a wide variety of online sources; please leave additions and corrections as comments. Thank you.

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  1. Miss RI won swim suit,talent,evening gown, interview, and platform.


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