Saturday, June 6, 2009

Miss State 2009 Season

The Miss State pageant season is now underway! This weekend seven more women will join Miss New Hampshire (who was crowned a few weeks ago) as official Miss America contestants. Scroll below for the complete state competition schedule.

I always enjoy seeing pictures from other state pageants and noting the set design, gown styles and whatever caliber of competition can be discerned from a picture; here are some that caught my eye from this week's preliminaries:

Many states stipulate a color for the contestants walk-on gowns; white is extremely popular, as seen in Missouri. I'm also a huge fan of their shiny stage floor:

To match the set, it appears contestants in Oklahoma had to wear orange, teal or green swimsuits, which is a very-Miss-USA thing to require:

When I was a contestant, I always pined for this peacock feather dress! I'm kind of surprised it's still around [seen on the left on a prelim winner in Kansas]. The sad reality, in my opinion, is that it's really unique, but not actually flattering.

The 2009 Miss State Schedule*

This weekend:

Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Alabama, New Mexico and Missouri

Next weekend:

Delaware, North Dakota, Iowa, Alaska and Idaho

The third weekend of June:
OHIO, Utah, Michigan, Tennessee, Arizona, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Maine, Illinois and Virgin Islands

The fourth weekend of June:

North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Virginia and Vermont

The first weekend of July:

Texas and South Carolina

The second weekend of July:

Oregon, Florida, Washington, Massachusetts, District of Columbia, Mississippi and Kentucky

The third weekend of July:

Final weekend of July:

Puerto Rico

*Note, this list was found on a message board and may have errors; leave a comment if you spot one.


  1. I have to agree about The Peacock Gown (figured it deserved caps, lol). I think it's a cool idea but have yet to see it look truly flattering.

  2. LOL - It totally deserves caps! I wish someone would redo it with a more slimming design. Even on a super thin woman, the tan beaded bodice only looks good at certain, posed angles.

    I always thought it would be cool to do a similar design with red roses in place of the feathers and an emerald green satin bodice. Very over the top and costumy, obviously, but also very unique!


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