Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miss Ohio 2009: Preliminary Night One Results

Swimsuit Award - $400
Heather Waterman - Miss Northwestern Ohio

Talent Award - $700
Erica Gelhaus - Miss Clayland

Gelhaus [left] and Waterman [right] are both former Miss Lake Festivals, hailing from Mercer County; I guarantee I'll hear an earful from my mother if our hometown paper doesn't publish something about their awards!

Miss Ohio Hall of Fame Awards

The Mansfield Noon Optimists
Jim Estep


  1. Erica was lovely tonight! Thank goodness for the webcast, so we out of state-rs could view it...

  2. Yeah for the former Lake Fest girls!! I am so happy for the webcast (althought I couldn't get into the chat or it was disabled, not sure but I was hoping to chat with others). I'm not out of state but travelling to Mansfield and having to sit with a 9 month for several hours (without driving other audience members crazy) would be a nightmare!

    Congrats to all the girls!

    Pam Ranly


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