Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miss Ohio 2009: Preliminary Night One: Live Blog

I just got back from the airport as Talent started. I know no one is reading right now but I'm trying to dry my tears by becoming preoccupied with Miss Ohio; Emily's ballad isn't helping! Anyway, first things first...


Becky Minger - "I was born to love you"
I love that she did a brand new musical theatre piece. I didn't catch the show's title, but I had the inside scoop that it's by Linda Eder's husband. It sounds like maybe she has a cold though, or maybe it's just the webcast. She looks stunning and I dig the contemporary jewelry.

Victoria Miller - "Man with a Hex"
Victoria is so cute! I don't know anything about dance, but she seems to be really moving those feet. I'm not crazy about the mix of tap and Tahitian style though.

Whitney Fricke - "Forget About the Boy"
She's too adorable! We usually say don't mix talents, but she did it right with the singing, acting and a little bit of tap.

Emily Pheils - "Lost in His Eyes"
That dress is amazing! This is the strongest I've ever heard her!

Nanciann Strosnider - "Happy Days are Here Again"
If you didn't understand why people love Nanciann, I hope her pre-performance interview explained it; she's a riot! Many fans wish she would have changed her talent since she's done this song three years in a row, but you can't deny that she can belt it out.

Heather Wells - "Via Dolorosa"
We know she brings a lot of energy to upbeat songs but I had no idea what to expect when I heard Heather was doing a lyrical dance to a religious song. Can we say she literally flipped for Jesus?! I jest; it was beautiful and passionate.

Erica Gelhaus - "So andhio La virtu Magica"
A common criticism of Erica is that her voice is beautiful, but the presentation lacks personality; I think she proved us all wrong in that regard tonight! Her opera was very flirty in a fun gown.

Jessica Barrett - "I enjoy being a girl"
I've always liked Jessica; she's entertaining with solid vocals. I will admit though, I still like "Popular" from her best.

I really like the guy backstage interviewing the ladies before Talent; Whitney and Nanciann really showed great personality with him. It's a very American Idol type concept, and the behind-the-scenes note about Emily rushing back for the earrings is what audiences eat up!


Kylie Johnson - Great color swimsuit, but slow down!

Heather Waterman - Sassy!

Rebekah - Smooth and sexy!

Ashleigh Lemon - I think she might want to research what the song "If" is really about! ;)

Sasha Eby - She's so cute, with a Teen USA vibe.

Amber Bussa - I think she gets my vote for best song and voice over; she walked to John Legend's Green Light, saying she hopes for a "green light to go to Miss America." Fantastic!

Ashley Warholic - I like the new pink swimsuit (over the zebra print from locals); great personality!

Kristy Moneysmith - Kristy's height is such a great advantage; she looks wonderful!

Jenna Wilson - Hey, isn't that Andrea Andryscik's old swimsuit? :) Jenna looks really toned and she's always one of my favorites!

Okay, with all due respect to whoever is singing, this Rhianna song was just a bad idea! I know it's a lose-lose situation for the producers; audiences cry for contemporary entertainment, then when you give it to us, it's not good enough. I swear though, I've never heard anyone successfully cover a current female pop hit. It just can't be done! Sorry; sad but true. I do like the cute little goth outfits that the contestants are in. Karissa looks hot!

Guessing from a webcast is always more difficult, but Talent will probably go to Erica. I wouldn't be a bit surprised by Whitney or Nanciann either. Swimsuit is a much tougher call since I was watching and typing at the same time. Heather, Amber or Jenna maybe? I don't know...


Katie Camp - "How do you support your statement about volunteering?"
That question wasn't so great, in terms of wording, but Katie sounded very passionate about her platform.

Courtney Monk - "How do you persuade schools to maintain their music program?"
Wow, she gave two realistic options, one of which dropped the name of a popular NATIONAL program she's partnered with. Great job!

Shannon O'Neill - something about long term health in kids...?
She's always very well spoken.

Ellen Byran - "How concerned should the public be about lightning?"
I love her dress and she did a solid job supporting her platform with statistics, which is exactly what she needed to do to create importance for something many people aren't sold on.

Alyssa Hanson - "What' the major obstacle for young women realizing their potential?"
She's so, so pretty, I can never get over it! She got a little bit tongue-tied but ultimately gave specific elements of her platform program.

Katie Bowen - "How do Special Olympics athletes benefit from the competition after its over?"
Wow, very impressive, lots of personality and very well spoken.

Kristen Haas - "Why focus on female heart disease?"
She gave a nice concise answer. Seasoned and solid.

I think I was most impressed by Courtney and Katie Bowen, but everyone did well. Thankfully, no YouTube moments in Mansfield tonight!


"If you liked it, then you shoulda put a crown on it?!?!" LOL!
I need to go get a drink...


  1. Hey I am watching but no chat function on my screen so I am clicking over to your blog to see what you think:) So how are you hun? I hope you are ok with him coming back here today. Call me if you wanna talk while we watch....Hugs Erin Jeffery Rathman

  2. Hey Erin,

    So you got to see all my crazy typos, that I'm still trying to find and fix. LOL!

    Seven days is the longest Loren's gotten to spend in LA, so it's going to be dreadful going back to work tomorrow and the daily grind without him. :( Hopefully we'll get the house in Ohio sold soon though...

    Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. You are definitely being way too kind Abby but i guess its blog pc. haha. ________'s talent was painful. WOWWEE. Gowns were cheap and ill fitted, ss's were saggy. Heather, Amber, and Kristy were the only ones to hold their own. Where o where has Miss Ohio gown? O where o where can she beeeeeeeeeeeeee?

  4. Sorry anonymous, I edited your comment a little bit and removed a line, since parents, EDs and contestants read this. So yes, I'm "blog pc." I like that term. :) I give constructive criticism sometimes, but more often I'll focus on the good and ignore the bad, which can be pretty difficult, especially at locals. LOL! It would be fun for me and a really humorous read if I just went crazy with the brutal honesty, but having been a contestant who never fully lived up to her potential, I have a lot of sympathy for them.

    Anyway, I respectfully disagree about the talent you mentioned. Fans on the message board share your opinion, but I watched it a second time and still really liked it. I found it entertaining and genre appropriate; I don't know if that makes sense without outing the poor girl, but oh well... To each their own! :)



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