Friday, August 24, 2007

Abby and Loren's Final Predictions!

Abby's Predictions:

Miss Teen USA: Colorado
1st RU: New Jersey
2nd RU: North Carolina
3rd RU: South Carolina
4th RU: West Virginia

Loren's Predictions:

Miss Teen USA: Colorado
1st RU: New Jersey
2nd RU: South Carolina
3rd RU: West Virginia
4th RU: North Carolina

Our thoughts: I really like Miss New Jersey Teen USA, but I think it will be Miss Colorado Teen USA. We both really liked South Carolina Teen USA... until she opened her pretty little mouth!

What do you think?


  1. What in the world did Iraq and South Africa have to do with 1/5 of Americans not being about to find the USA on a map? I guess this is a prime example of when you just say "Truthfully, I don't know," and be quiet.

  2. Okay okay okay...what the heck did she SAY? I tried looking it up and I'm finding nothing...


  3. LOL... Okay Jeff, here's a YouTube link:

    And here's the transcript that was quickly posted on the pageant message boards:

    Question---Recent polls have shown one-fifth of Americans can't locate the US on a world map...Why do you think this is?
    Miss SC Teen USA---I personally believe that us Americans are unable to do so-because-uh some-people out there in our nation-don't have maps and uh-I believe that our education like such as in South Africa, and the Iraq everywhere-like such as-and I believe that they should- our education over here in the US-should help the US-help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the (Bell Dings) Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future for our children.

    Yep, that's one giant stiletto step backwards for pageant contestants everywhere.


  4. Heh heh...ooooookayyyy...having not watched the video yet, I gotta say that is one of the least comprehensible paragraphs I've ever read. And I've read Hunter S. Thompson, so I know what I'm talking about.

    For all the talk her answer is getting (I had heard about it even before I visited your page, on sites which have nothing to do with pageants, which should tell you how many folks noticed it), I was expecting something outlandish and controversial. Nope, just incomprehensible. You really have to feel kinda bad for her - no matter what pageants (or what ANYTHING) she participates in from now on, people will always remember that answer.



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