Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Miss South Carolina Teen USA Speaks Out…

... Coherently this time... kind of.

CLICK HERE to see her on the Today Show.
First is a very corny, staged clip of her "explaining" a lunar eclipse, then click on her still picture below for an interview with Matt and Ann during which she talks about her blunder and reanswers her onstage question. (For some annoying reason the interview URL keeps going to the eclipse video even though they're separate. Gggrrr! Frustrating internet!)


  1. Check it out...


    Any thoughts on how the media is glomming onto the story so heavily? I don't think it can't be good for the image of pageants that more media attention is being directed at MSC for her incomprehensible answer than at the woman who actually WON the crown...


  2. In the above comment, I said, "I don't think it can't be good," when I actually meant, "I don't think it CAN be good."

    There is a technical term for this kind of thing. It is called a "mistake."




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