Friday, August 24, 2007

Congratulations to the New Miss Teen USA, Hilary Cruz!

Miss Teen USA: Colorado

1st RU: New Jersey
2nd RU: North Carolina
3rd RU: South Carolina
4th RU: West Virginia

Check me out! My predictions were right on! :)


  1. Hey, Abby! That was a great! I wasn't that close...I did want N.J. to win because she was fresh and had a different look and appeal to her. I thought S.C. was the "stunner" of the 5 but you are very right on about her speaking abilities! I agree and I think that is what got her the 3rd RU position. I had the winner as 2nd RU. She didn't stand out that much to me. Oh well! Just MHO. ;)

  2. I so wanted New Jersey to win after on stage question.

  3. I agree with you two about New Jersey... Loren and I loved her immediately in Swimsuit, and I thought she had a great chance just because she stood out as a red head. I feel like all red heads have that advantage in pageants because they're fresh and different... Like when Shawntel Smith won Miss America, she was "it" without question!



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