Monday, August 27, 2007

Pageant Poll of the Week: Supportive Locals

Last week’s Pageant Poll of the Week found out that “Supportive E.D. and committee/ helpful preparation for Miss Ohio” is most important to contestants when selecting which local pageant to enter.
So, this week let’s find out which local that seems to be!
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Disclaimer: I initially hesitated in making polls that asked about local pageants; I do not want to offend directors if their pageant doesn’t get a vote. However, that fear was quickly discarded because the contestants of these pageants are constantly allowing themselves to be judged and E.D.s often serve as judges, so turn about’s fair play, right?

To E.D.’s, if your program doesn’t do as well in my silly little poll as you would like, just tell yourself all the fluffy crap you tell your titleholder if she doesn’t do well at Miss Ohio. :)


  1. Hey Abby,

    I enjoy reading all of your blogs, and you were so right on the teen USA pageant last week. It is a shame that teen North Caroline is now the topic of National news. Anyway the reason I am writing is to find out if you and Loren are coming to the wedding. I have to give a final head count since we are having a sit down dinner. Hope you are able to come, there are quite a few pageant friends coming. Let me know ASAP.

    Thanks so much,
    Jenny Jeffery

    Sorry this post has nothing to do with the poll.

  2. This poll is very insightful. I think girls should know upfront who will be helpful for preparation to the state competition. Other state's locals offer full payment for competition wear fees, talent coaching, interview preparation, etc. I think whatever pageant supports their girl the most will reflect who will be competing in their local this year. This also is in place because of the CMN fundraising in place.

  3. I’m glad you like the poll; I’ve given my opinion on questions like this a lot, but I decided it was time to find how the masses feel.

    I’ll be the first to admit thought that it’s certainly not scientific. Only one vote is allowed per computer, but I’m sure savvy users are voting at home and work, or asking friends to vote, etc… and on the other hand, I know a lot of E.D.s are completely computer illiterate.

    Nonetheless, I think this is giving a point of reference that did not exist before. For this poll in particular, I think the leaders are accurate, for the most part.

    As for CMN, just wait! I already have polls created to see how everyone really feels about that whole situation!



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