Sunday, August 5, 2007

Congratulations to the New Miss North Coast, Kristen Haas!

Tonight in Brunswick Kristen Haas won her third Miss Ohio local title, Miss North Coast! Kristen is a dancer who advocates womens heart heath. [Photo on left taken last year after I crowned Kristen Miss Maumee Valley.]

1st Runner-up: Jenna Wilson
2nd Runner-up: Katie Bowen

Swimsuit: Jenna Wilson
Non-finalist Talent: Krystle Formosa

Please leave me a comment with other results... like Talent, Interview or a complete contestant list.


  1. Abby,
    The contestants from Miss North Coast were as follows:

    1. Krystal Formosa
    2. Laura Anne Pennington
    3. Catherine Bowen
    4. Jacquelyn Adams
    5. Kristen Haas
    6. Jenna Wilson

    It was nice show and good competition.

  2. abby, i listed all awards on my blog as well as a contestant and judges list

  3. Abby, How are 12 year olds competing in the outstanding teen pageant, I thought the age is 13 to 17? Just a little confused, if this is the case, how do I get my daughter involved? She has done a couple of pageants before.Any advice.

  4. That is a great question... I don't know, but I will try to find out. If I don't post the answer as a new entry, I will leave it as a comment under the post "updates galore" which talks about Miss West Central's Outstanding Teen. (Those results included a 12 year old, so I assume that's where your question is coming from.)



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