Friday, August 17, 2007

Pageant Pictures: MAO Teen, Former Miss America Sightings and the Henry County Tomato Pageant

Miss America's Outstanding Teen

On the left: Miss Ohio Roberta Camp with Ohio’s Outstanding Teen, Ashley Miller, in Orlando where both women participated in an array of events. During the pageant Ashley sang Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" for the Talent competition and she wore a snow skiing outfit for Fitness Wear. She roomed with Minnesota's OT and in a stroke of bad luck, she was last to select her contestant number during the random online lottery; thus, she was #2 in the first flight. Below: Roberta with MAO Teen 2006 Maria DeSantis and other Miss States.

Former Miss America Sightings

Above left: pageant enthusiast and volunteer Nancy Wheeler with Heather French-Henry at a church event the morning after Heather emceed Miss West Central Ohio. Right: Former Miss Ohio Renee Autherson Brown and her son Peyton at a Reds game with Deidre Downs, representing ReSound.

Henry County Tomato Pageant

Right: Miss Ohio Roberta Camp and Miss All*American City Lauren Hogan at the Tomato Pageant. Left: The pageant court: 2nd Runner-up, Stacy Gershutz, 1st Runner-up Megan Badenhop, 2007 Tomato Queen Jessica Moser and 3rd Runner-up Erin Rettig.
All of these women attend Ohio State University, thus the pose.

This pageant does not go on to anything, but former Tomato Queens include Miss Ohio contestants Lauren Hogan and Blythe Gresser and former Miss Ohio Kelly Creager.

*Click all photos to enlarge; thanks to everyone who sent these to me.*


  1. Thank you to the commenter who just made me aware of some spelling errors… at least I was consistent, right? LOL!


  2. Abby,

    Actually Ashley's roomate was Minnesota's Outstanding Teen not Wisconsin

  3. Wow, I suck! I was clicking back to an email from Greg Davis (Ashley’s local ED) as I wrote this, and somehow still managed to get the wrong state in my head! I promise, the other info is right though!

    Thank you for the correction.


  4. This is so fun to see pics like these. As Abby knows, I "beat myself up" over my pics because I never seem to like mine but love to take them of others! Anyway, I just love Heather; we have alot in common, from politics to tragedies in our lives to our family backgrounds. Not that anyone would care, (lol) but she is from Bracken Co. KY and my mother's family is from there. I believe it was my great-great uncle who had helped design and build the courthouse there. I just remember that his name is on the courthouse and his last name is...BUSH! The funny thing is that my aunt hates to admit this, but she said the family tree is traced back to the same town that the president's family is from in Germany. Don't know anything else, but it is QUITE interesting in the least! :)


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