Monday, August 6, 2007

Pageant Pictures!

Miss North Coast

[Above left to right: Laura Pennington, 2nd RU Katie Bowen, Miss North Coast Kristen Haas, Non-Finalist Talent winner Krystle Formosa, 1st RU Jenna Wilson and Jackie Adams.
Below: Kristen being crowned by Andrea.]

Left: Swimsuit winner Jenna Wilson at Miss Ohio '06 and Non-Finalist Talent winner Krystle Formosa at Miss North Coast.

Right: Miss North Coast Kristen Haas in Talent and On-stage Question.

Special thanks to Laura Pennington; these photos came from her Facebook. Check out the following blogs for more info and pictures:

Amy Allen
Allie Krucek
Laura Pennington

Miss West Central Ohio

After Miss West Central Ohio last weekend it was difficult to find photos from the pageant, but here are a few sent to me thanks to the contestants.

Above: Miss West Central Ohio Shannon O'Neill being crowned by Jessica Barrett. On the left: 1st RU Victoria Miller.

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