Saturday, August 4, 2007

Miss Ohio Prelims by Date

Miss Ohio has a new website that is aesthetically more pleasing, but it no longer lists the local prelims by date, which was a very helpful feature. (To be clear, the site does list them alphabetically.) Someone mentioned this on the message board, so since I'm stuck at home, disabled and without a car, I thought I'd go through them and compile a list of the remaining pageants by dates (and it actually didn't take long):

Aug. 4- North Coast
Aug. 18- Lake Erie and Northern Ohio (and Lake Erie Teen)

Sept. 1- Miss Miami Valley (and Miami Valley Teen)

Oct. 7- North East Ohio (formerly
Miss Stark County)
Oct.13- Clayland
Oct. 27-
Portsmouth and Scioto Valley (and Portsmouth Teen)

Nov. 4- Miss Maumee Valley and Miss All-American City
(This date is not yet on the web, but I think this is what Wageners told me. I believe they’re also giving a Teen title.)
Nov. 10- Northwestern Ohio

Feb. 2- Maple City

March 29- Hamilton (closed)

No dates are listed yet for the following:

Central Ohio
Greater Dayton
Buckeye State/ Heart of Ohio (closed)

Other pageants:

Aug. 4- Marion Popcorn Festival
Aug. 7 - 11-
Miss America's Outstanding Teen
Aug. 12- Henry County Tomatoe Pageant
Aug. 16- 19-
Beauties of America

Aug. 17- 19- Miss Ohio America Coed Pageant
Aug. 31- Sept. 1-
National Sweetheart Pageant
Nov. 17 - 25-
National American Miss
Nov. 29- Dec. 1-
Miss Ohio USA

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  1. Bumped into the Maumee Valley directors last night and they confirmed that MV and AAC will be the 4th of November, but that it just hadn't been official added to the website yet!


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