Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FOX Toledo/ LIN TV Day of Caring

Today me and about 50 of my FOX Toledo coworkers participated in the LIN Day of Caring. From our general manager to our news anchors and every sales person, producer and engineer in between, we painted, built, weeded and mulched a needy part of the community.

CLICK HERE for a news story on it. (While I'm on the freeze frame with sports caster, Howard Chen, I'm only in the story for a second, but that is not at all the point.)

It was amazing how much and how quickly such a large group of people could get things done! It made me think, there’s really no reason that every business or company shouldn’t do the same at least once a year. It reminded me of painting a Habitat for Humanity house at the Miss Ohio Community Service weekend. I see the value of other Community Service weekend events, like visiting and entertaining at nursing homes, but I personally find more gratification in manual labor, like I performed today. Today also made me think that parents, E.D.s, and board members should be invited to roll up their sleeves for even greater impact at Miss Ohio's Community Service weekend.

Nothing says “Caring” or “Community Service” like vain people like TV personalities or pageant contestants working outside in the hot summer sun for six hours! :)

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