Monday, March 30, 2009

Miss Greater Butler County Photos!

I'm sitting in a place called Motor Inn, a local truck stop dive, where I'd never in a million years expect to find wi-fi! But it's perfect, the TV is on Dancing with the Stars, so my parents are happy, I have my dear sweet internet and the food is fried, but fantastic!

As I mentioned before, the lighting and venue were not conducive to picture taking, so I realize these aren't great. Most are mine, a few are by Nick Graham. Click to enlarge them.

Note, Olivia Yokers did a great job all night and was running back and forth like crazy giving awards and crowning; she accidentally put the Teen crown on Rebeka and Miss crown on Veronica! Oops!

[Above: former Greater Butler County Outstanding Teen, Aujanna Million, with her sister, Au'Lauren, the new Little Miss Greater Butler County]

Miss Competition Photos

Miss Competition Photos Miss Greater Butler County,
Rebeka Zoz

First Runner-up, Devon Stansbury

Second Runner-up, Hope Smalls

Third Runner-up,
Emily Valandingham


Brooke Singleton

Sarah Begley

Teen Competition Photos

Miss Greater Butler County's Outstanding Teen,
Veronica Wende

First Runner-up Kaitlin Craig

Emilee Lowe

Stormee McHargue

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  1. Hi this is Brooke Singleton I just wanted to say thanks for posting pictures from the pageant. When you are in the pageant you don't get to watch the pageant, haha, so it was neat getting to see what the pageant looked like. Also our pictures didn't come out very good so now I have some of myself that are good. I was surprised by how confident I looked in my swimsuit haha because I was nervous about going out in a swimsuit so I just told myself to be as confident as I could, and when I looked at my picture I thought, hey I was able to smile and be confident!


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