Friday, March 21, 2008

Best of Luck to the Miss Central Ohio Pageant!

Tomorrow seventeen women will compete for Kasey Wilson's crown, Miss Central Ohio. The only thing bigger than Kasey's operatic vocals is her fun personality. She was the 3rd Runner-up last year at her second try for Miss Ohio. She's headed back as Miss Lake Erie.

The pageant is at 7:30 at the J. Gilbert Reese Center on Newark's OSU branch campus. I have the inside scoop that the contestants will answer two On-Stage Questions, then perform their Talents. After an intermission they will compete in Swimsuit and Evening Gown.

Below is the contestant order:

1. Jackie Jerlecki

Jackie Jerlecki is a Bowling Green State University freshman majoring in musical theater. This vocalists platform is "Support the Arts in School: Express Yourself."

[Pageant Career Highlights: 2nd RU and Interview winner at Miss Elkhart County (Indiana).]

2. Carrissa Cook

Carissa Cook is a graduate of Ohio University. She is a tap dancer that advocates Organ Donation.

[Pageant Career Highlights: Miss Ohio Valley 2005.]

3. April O’Brien

April O’Brien is an 18 year old student at Bethany College. She is a vocalist who advocates "Donate Life: The Importance Of Blood Donation."

[PCH: This is April's fifth pageant this season.]

4. Katie Bowen

Katie Bowen studies Clinical Laboratory Science and Business at Ohio Northern University. She's playing the flute for her talent, but am unsure of her platform.

[PCH: 2nd RU at North Coast, this is her third local this season.]

5. Linsey Williams

[No photo or information available yet.]

6. Amy Andres

[No photo or information available yet.]

7. Alicia Huyghe

Alicia Huyghe is a sophomore at Cleveland State University majoring in biology. A dancer, her platform is "Go green! Take a stand to make a difference in the world."

[PCH: 4th RU at Mansfield.]

8. Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller is a Mass Communications and Public Relations at the Univeristy of Rio Grande (yes, that's in Ohio and yes, she's the older sister of Ashley, Ohio's Outstanding Teen). She is a singer and her platform is "Think Pink: The importance of breast self-examinations in young women."

[PCH: 13th at National American Miss Jr. Teen among other teen and fair titles.]

9. Brook Shinglton

Brook will likely be singing for her talent.

[PCH: This is her first MAO local; she has been 2nd runner up to Miss Ohio American Coed two years in a row.]

10. Amy Allen

Amy Allen is a 23 year old vocalist whose platform is Urban Renewal through Habitat for Humanity. She holds a Master in Business Administration from Mount Vernon Nazarene.

[PCH: Interview Award at Clayland; this is her seventh local this season.]

11. Ashlet Hartman

Ashley Hartman, 20, is a Communications major at the University of Akron. This lyrical dancer promotes Internet Safety as her platform.

[PCH: 2nd RU at Portsmouth/ SV, 3rd RU Maple City, 1st RU and SS Award at Mansfield, this is her fifth local this season.]

12. Emily Pheils

Emily Pheils is a Popular Culture major at Bowling Green State University. This 18 year old's platform is "Homelessness;" she is a vocalist.

[PCH: This is Emily's fourth prelim this season.]

13. Jillian Dansko

Jillian Dansko is a 23 year old dancer. She is a graduate of John Carroll University who advocates Artistic Involvement for the Disabled.

[PCH: Miss Ohio Top 10 as Miss Buckeye State 04, Miss Ohio SS Award as Miss North Coast 06, Miss Greater Dayton 07. This is her sixth local this season having been 2nd RU at Miami Valley, 1st RU at MV/AAC/FT, 2nd RU at NWO and 2nd RU Maple City.]

14. Courtney Kania

All I know is that she's playing the harp.

[PCH: Miss Teen Medina County 2002; I found this info in this publication, check it out for blurbs about former titleholders Meghan Markovich and Melissa Trapp too!]

15. Lauren Hogan

Lauren Hogan is a graduate of Bowling Green State Univrsity. She is a vocalist and her platform “Risky Business” works to prevent high risk behavior in todays youth.

[PCH: Miss All*American City 2007, 3rd RU at NWO, 2nd RU and EG at Mansfield.]

16. Ashley Warholic

Ashley Warholic is a freshman at Baldwin-Wallace College majoring in public relations. A dancer, her platform is, "Family, Career, Community Leaders of America FCCLA."

[PCH: 3rd RU at Mansfield.]

17. Sasha Eby

Sasha Eby's platform is "Promoting Abstinence To Today's Teens." She is an 18 year old vocalist who attends Muskingum College.

[PCH: She was Miss Southeastern Ohio's Outstanding Teen; this is her second local this season.]

Although I'm sick and it's snowy, I'm going to try to attend, actually I have to attend. I told my good friend Lauren Hogan that she has to win because I won't be around for Sweeps! :)

Please pardon the typos, I'm suffering from a serious case of "medicine head." Also, if you know anything about the new contestants leave a comment.


  1. Brooke Singleton is my friend, she has been 2nd runner up to Miss Ohio American Coed two years in a row, I believe she is singing for her talent but I am not sure about her platform. I sent you one of her headshots on facebook :)


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