Sunday, March 2, 2008

Miss Mansfield Results!

Miss Mansfield: Christie Youssef

1st Runner-up: Ashley Hartman
2nd Runner-up: Lauren Hogan
3rd Runner-up: Ashley Warholic
4th Runner-up: Alicia Huyghe

Interview: Christie Youssef
Talent: Christie Youssef
Swimsuit: Ashley Hartman
Evening Gown: Lauren Hogan

Congeniality: Christie Youssef

I joked with a few people that I’d have photos up tonight, but as soon as they’re uploaded, I’m crashing out!

Here are a few thoughts while I wait…

Former contestant Kim Baker Canary and Miss Ohio Roberta Camp emceed the event.

A handful of former Miss Mansfield’s returned and chatted onstage about what they’ve been up to, including Andrea Ison. I had forgotten how funny she is! She looked great and later entertained beautifully. Former Miss Mansfield Kim Yeager also performed a ventriloquism act. I have to admit, at first I was less than enchanted at the idea of having to watch a ventriloquism act, but is was a cute routine that poked fun at pageantry and Mansfield, and by the end I couldn’t deny how impressive it was.

Roberta and former Miss Ohio Marlia Fontaine Weiss also performed. Wow! Partial though I may be, neither or these ladies were given their due credit at Miss America! Both were amazing; twice now I have heard Roberta sing the Martina McBride song “Anyway,” which Miss Massachusetts won talent with at Miss America. It’s a shame Berta didn’t sing it there because it sits in her voice perfectly!

As for the competition, the ladies had to pull a current events question out of a hat in addition to their onstage platform question! I literally held my breath, but no one completely crashed and burned… that I remember! The questions ranged from fixing the gas prices on the difficult end to “what would you say to Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan” on the easier end.

Unfortunately for the singers, there were a lot of technically difficulties, but they all handed it well. That’s all for now, the pictures are done! Time to sort, crop and post!

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