Thursday, March 27, 2008

Breaking Pageant News: Talent Time Reduction

It’s all over the message boards this morning that Miss America is shortening the length of talent presentations from two minutes down to ninety seconds for the 2009 national pageant! Supposedly this will not affect state pageants this summer.

I’m actually not mad at the idea of this. After all, in professional auditions you get much less time… think about it, when you watch American Idol auditions it’s obvious in the first few seconds if someone is good or bad. Yes, that means you better begin with something impressive!

Here’s what I do have a problem with- accessibility. It is difficult, expensive and frustrating to find music cuts. On the cheap end, Musical Creations charges $9 for a mere two minutes of music! Someone once found a karaoke track for me on iTunes for $1, but I doubt 90 second cuts are available there. Some women pay hundreds of dollars for custom recordings.

Speaking from experience, it’s also tricky to cut certain songs and maintain their story or message.

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