Monday, March 3, 2008

More Miss Mansfield Photos- Part II

Newly crowned Miss Mansfield Christie Youssef.

Miss Mansfield finalists, left to right, 4th RU Alicia Huyghe, 3rd RU Ashley Warholic, Miss Mansfield Christie Youssef, 2nd RU Lauren Hogan and 1st RU Ashley Hartman.
Below Miss Ohio Roberta Camp jumps in too!

Miss Miami Valley Alyssa Hansen, Miss Maple City Heather Wells, 2nd Runner-up Lauren Hogan and local contestant Jessica Nelson.

Miss Miami Valley Alyssa Hansen, Miss Mansfield Christie Youssef and Miss Maple City Heather Wells.

Miss Scioto Valley Megan Wombacker, 1st Runner-up Ashley Hartman and Miss Portsmouth Katie Camp.
Emily's niece meets Kim's dummy!

Visiting titeholders, left to right: Miss Maple City Heather Wells, Miss Miami Valley Alyssa Hansen, Miss Fallen Timbers Emily Cousino, Miss Scioto Valley Megan Wombacker and Miss Portsmouth Katie Camp.
I got sick of all the pretty pictures,
so I told them to do something goofy:

One of the great things about Miss Mansfield is seeing many members of the Miss Ohio family again! For the first half of the show I sat between two of my former directors- Ronda Morris and the Wageners. Then for the second half I met up with my hostess for all five years, Brenda and another hostess, Suzie. In both seats, one of my favorite Miss Ohio people sat with me- Paige, a Miss Ohio week "gopher." I feel like I've watched her grow up! She was like 7 or 8 my first year at Miss Ohio, and look at her (above) now! Beautiful!

*For more post-pageant photos, check out Megan's Blog.

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