Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Health Week Poll: Best Sunless Tanning Methods

There are so many brands and options when it comes to sunless tanning, it may not be easy to identify what works best...
But let’s give it a try!

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There are TONS of brands available, but here are those that I saw over and over when researching “best of” and “top” lists online, as well as some standards and other options at the bottom of the poll. Most are cheaper drug store brands; if you swear by a more expensive product, or one that’s not in this poll,

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  1. I have a few tips. I've never been in a tanning bed, since I've had a few skin cancer scares anyways.

    1. I found a product in sally's on clearance that was a self tanning application system called TanMist. It was only $25 for the system and the sprays, and backup sprays were on clearance, too. I figured since I pay more than that for the self tanning experience, I might as well try it. It wasn't bad, and I think it would be great for a contestant at a state pageant needing touch ups throughout the week.

    2. Mystic tan is good, but I recommend finding someone who does airbrush tan. Here in Virginia we have a woman who travels from pageant to pageant when she can get there and charges less than $30 most times for airbrush tan. She does a great job and it's personal. Plus, once you get to know her, it's not as awkward. Her kids do pageants so she can tell from your skin what colors to use for on stage. She will also tan in her house. Look up "airbrush tan" on google in your area.

    I also happened upon the guy I usually use, Paul, by google. He actually sells self tanning systems out of his Lynchburg place, but he will also do airbrush tan. The prices are reasonable and again, I have used him four or five times so I know he will do a good job. See if you can find someone in your area to do this. Spray tans can look just as good as real tans and they are much, much, safer! If you get a bonus of finding someone who understands you'll be under stage lights, they can personally apply it so that you don't look orange, too brown, or too pale. Plus, whenever Paul needs to demonstrate his products to potential buyers, he'll give me a call and I can get a free tan!

    Being extremely pale can be tough, but there are options out there!

    This is a really great idea, Abby! Kudos to you!

  2. Thanks for your comment Laura!

    I wish I would have thought of doing custom spray tans for Miss Ohio locals!

    Seriously- If an E.D. would allow it, then contestants would save so much time and worry leading up to the pageant and the E.D.s would no longer have to worry about the bathrooms turning orange from Sally Hensen Spray on Legs! (Assuming the sprayer sets up some sort of booth or plastic… Regardless, one person doing it would be more responsible with the product than a dozen stressed contestants trying to spray themselves.)

    I wonder if someone could break even after they purchase the products and gas to get there...?


  3. The lady who does it here in Virginia explained to me that her prices fluctuate based on whether the ED of that local comps her room. For example, if they don't comp her room, she needs at least 5-7 people to tan to "break even". But she always offers the option of swinging by her home (she also works in a salon doing it) if she can't get enough contestants. It seems though if there are ten contestants and they all knew they could get spray tanned the day of or night before, it would be worth it to have the person there and for their room to be comped. I bet most of those girls would choose to be tanned.

  4. Time to make a sales pitch...LOL! Mary Kay just came out with their new Subtle Tanning Lotion. It smells wonderful! It's a mixture of coconut and honeysuckle. I have not used it yet but will order it around the 16th. I am so excited about this launch, especially since my daughters and I are pasty white right now. I do exfoliate and use moisturizer first in those areas which tend to collect the most color such as knees and elbows. The great thing about Mary Kay is that it is backed 100% I guarantee it down to the last drop! (At least one time for each product.)


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