Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thoughts while the photos upload…

First, huge congrats to Jillian and thanks to Loren for posting the results for me.

Second, I feel like crap! I had a horrible coughing fit while driving, about 30 minutes from home. The three hours at the pageant was the longest I’d gone in the past few days of being sick without drinking something. When I realized I’d forgotten a bottle of water my reason for not stopping to get one was, “food and drink isn’t usually allowed in auditoriums.” What? Since when do I follow rules like that?! So I guess I’ll continue being out of sorts by posting something less than diplomatic…

Third, I have to address the production structure E.D.s have been using. Perhaps it’s the cold medicine I’ve been taking, or the fact that I’m leaving the state, but for the first time ever (I think) I’m going to offer some public constructive criticism to E.D.s. This is not singling out the Miss Central Ohio program, but rather is something I’ve noticed at a few locals this year; it’s also been brought up by someone else on the message board… Dear E.D.’s, please structure your production around the contestants clothing changes!

At recent pageants the ladies have introduced themselves in their interview suits then answered their Onstage Question. I love this set up for three reasons- the contestants don’t have to worry about an opening number outfit, we get to know them right away and the phase many women are most nervous about is over quickly. The trouble is, the emcees are still wasting time chatting, introducing the judges and/or entertaining between the contestant intros and their questions. Thus, the ladies are just waiting around backstage in their suits. Unless there’s some really stupid rule that the judges must be introduced before onstage competition begins, I say save the filler for when the contestants are changing their clothes.

Finally, I haven’t looked at my shots from tonight (obviously… I’m currently waiting for them to upload) but if they’re anything like recent pageants, contestants could learn a lot from them. Awkwardness onstage sticks out like a sore thumb; while I can’t easily explain to anyone how to fix it, I can tell you that the first step is to be aware of it. There are many newer women in the program and it’s extremely important that they continue working to be comfortable and confident onstage. Look at the angles of your body when you pose, the positions of your arms, hands and legs, stiffness or sloppiness, etc… I know, I know, a photo doesn’t always tell the whole story. When I’m selecting photos to post I try to find the best combination of a flattering body position and pretty, in focus face. So if an issue is evident in your best picture, imagine what the others look like! I certainly don’t mean to wreck anyone’s confidence, quite the opposite. Even pageant veterans have things they need to work on, like swinging their arms evenly or shrugging-up their shoulders. If you can see it, you can more easily fix it!

More on this later, the pics are done, time to sort, crop and possibly fall asleep on my laptop!

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