Sunday, March 30, 2008

Congrats to the New Miss Hamilton, Sophia Davis and Butler County's Outstanding Teen, Olivia Yokers!

Miss Results:

Miss Hamilton: Sophia Davis
This will be Sophia's third trip to Miss Ohio, having been Miss Mansfield and making the Top 10 as Miss Miami Valley.

First Runner-up: Rebekah Zoz
Second Runner-up: Kelly Sirk
Third Runner-up: Kristy Moneysmith

Interview: Sophia Davis
Talent: Kristy Moneysmith
Swimsuit: Rebeka Zoz
Evening Gown: Sophia Davis

Congeniality: Kelly Sirk
Peoples Choice: Brittany McGinnis

I can't wait to do more work with community members, and Hamilton in general," Davis said, talking about America's Promise Alliance, a network of nonprofits that fosters volunteerism to help children...

Teen Results:

Butler County's Outstanding Teen: Olivia Yokers

First Runner-up: Brittany Kelley
Second Runner-up: Caitlin Lee
Third Runner-up: Sarah Hall

Interview: Olivia Yokers
Talent: Olivia Yokers
Fitness: Brittany Kelley
Evening Gown: Olivia Yokers

Congeniality: Olivia Yokers

Yokers, a crowd favorite, sang a sweet opera piece by Puccini as her talent and said schools should hold fundraisers to help fund the arts.

In all, 15 young women and girls competed for the two crowns. The seven judges had an unenviable job, rating the contestants on their talent, beauty and grace — in essence, style. "It's always tough," said judge Leslie Townsend.

The quotations above are from THIS article;
photos by David A. Moodie.

[Right: Sophia Davis]

[Left: Miss contestant Kelly Jo Zink;
Right: Outgoing Teen Aunjanna' Million.]

[Left: Miss contestant Ashley Bowman;
Right: Teen contestant Brittany Kelley.]

[Left: Miss contestant Cara Best; Right: Outgoing Miss Heather Lindsay, seen through a TV camera's screen.
Was the pageant aired locally?]

CLICK HERE for a couple more pictures.

Special thanks to Erin (I assume Erin Jeffery Rathman) for posting detailed results on the message board and also mentioning that Miss Ohio Roberta Camp performed and former Miss Hamilton Nicole Masters emceed.


  1. Abby I am guilty as charged for posting on the message board! I thought I would try and give something positive to each young lady. But it was soooo late by the time I got home so I was kinda brief for each girl. I saw potential in every contestant there. The show did not end till 10:30ish ? and then we went out for icecream after talking and whatnot with everyone. It was a good time wish you were there! I live only 10 minutes from Hamilton so next time come know you have a place to crash:)
    Love Ya~ Erin Rathman

  2. hi sophia i am one of your best fans and also your my favorite cousin love you cuz


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