Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Miss Central Ohio Photos

This is my favorite picture of the night- outgoing Miss Central Ohio and reigning Miss Lake Erie Kasey Wilson wishes the contestants well prior to the crowning.
And now to chronological order...

Above, Miss Ohio Roberta Camp and below, Kasey Wilson entertain the audience.

Above, Roberta sings some more, and I have to say, this dress is really cute in person!

Visiting Titleholders: Miss Lake Erie Kasey Wilson, Miss Clayland Karissa Martin, Miss North East Ohio Jenna Wilson, an Outstanding Teen whose name I missed, Miss Portsmouth Katie Camp and Ohio's Outstanding Teen Ashley Miller.

Emily Pheils wins the Spirit Award.

Jillian Dansko wins Interview.

A very happy Amy Allen, Fourth Runner-up.

Third Runner-up Courney Kania.

Sasha Eby juggles her Talent Award
and Second Runner-up flowers.

First Runner-up Jacki Jerlecki.

Ashley and Jenna, one of my favorite Miss Ohio roommates!

Kasey, Jillian and former Miss Ohio Renee Brown.

The traditional Miss Central Ohio photo!

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  1. The Teen pictured is Sarah Hider, Miss Lake Erie Outstanding Teen


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