Saturday, March 22, 2008

Results from Newark

This is Loren relaying the Miss Central Ohio results for Abby...

4th Runner Up- Amy Allen
3rd Runner Up- Courtney Kania
2nd Runner Up- Sasha Eby
1st Runner Up- Jackie Jerlecki

And the WINNER is- Jillian Dansko

Congratulations Jillian on a return trip to Miss Ohio!!!

The awards were given as follows:

Interview- Jillian Dansko
Talent- Sasha Eby
Congeniality- Emily Pheils
People's Choice- Jillian Dansko

Congratulations to all of the runners up and award winners this evening.

Abby will be back in roughly 3 hours and will elaborate further and post pictures as well.

Until then...

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