Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pageant Survivors: And then there was one!

If you know anything about Pennsylvania pageantry, you know the name Chet. Chet Walsh is the Executive Director of Miss Allegheny Valley, Miss Armstrong County and Miss Southwestern Pennsylvania; I believe he might also be a coach because you hear a lot about “Chet Girls.” He has a stronghold on the states pageantry and a very winning reputation.

That being said, the Chet we saw on Survivor wasn’t exactly what I had imagined… He was a “Fan” this season, in which the gimmick is “Fans vs. Favorites.” After being considered feeble and lazy by his tribe mates for weeks, he asked his tribe to vote him out tonight due to a seashell stuck in his foot.

Still in the running to be crowned sole Survivor is Amanda Kimmel. She is a “Favorite,” having been a Top 3 Survivor China finalist last season. Amanda was Miss Montana USA 2005 and a Top 8 finalist at Miss Earth as Miss Earth USA.

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