Saturday, March 29, 2008

Best of Luck to the Miss Hamilton Program Tonight!

I got home much later than expected last night, so look for the Facebook drama and the related health issue of substance abuse after Miss Hamilton results…

Tonight at 7 p.m. Heather Lindsey will crown a successor at the Old Moose Event Center in Hamilton. In her first attempt at Miss Ohio, Heather won a Preliminary Swimsuit Award; her beauty and confidence then earned her a Top 15 spot at Miss Ohio USA and most recently she was Second Runner-up at Miss Ohio International.

This program is “closed” to women who live, work or attend school is Butler, Clark, Hamilton, Madison, Montgomery, Preble and/or Warren Counties. In addition to Miss Hamilton, Butler County’s Outstanding Teen will be crowned.

Miss Hamilton Contestants:

Cara Best, 18, is a dancer who attends Ohio State University.

Ashley Bowman is a vocalist from Northern Kentucky University. She’s 19 years old.

[Ashley competed this year at Miss Clayland.]

Sophia Davis is a Miami University student. She is a 22 year old dancer.

[Sophia was in the Top 10 last year at Miss Ohio as Miss Miami Valley; this is her third local pageant this year.]

Kristen Liguori, 21, is a vocalist who studies at the University of Cincinnati.

[Kristen competed in this pageant last year and it's her second local this year.]

Brittany McGinnis attends Butler Tech and Career Development Schools. She is 17 years old and will perform a Liturgical Dance for talent.

Kristy Moneysmith is a vocalist and 22 year old Wright State University student.

[Kristy was Third Runner-up at Miss West Central Ohio, Talent winner at Miss Miami Valley and this is her fourth local this year.]

Kelly Sirk is a student at Northern Kentucky University. This 22 year old will perform a monologue.

[Last year Kelly was 3rd Runner-up at Miss Hamilton.]

Kelly Jo Zink, 22, is a dancer; she attends Wittenberg University.

[Kelly Jo was Second Runner-up at Miss West Central Ohio and Interview winner at Miss Miami Valley; this is her fourth local.]

Rebecca Zoz is a 20 year old University of Cincinnati student. She’ll be singing for her talent.

Anyone else think she resembles Becky Minger?

Butler County's Outstanding Teen Contestants:

Kayla Fowler is a 17 year old vocalist.

[Kayla competed in this pageant last year.]

Sarah Hall, 16, will sing.

[Sarah competed in this pageant last year.]

Brittany Kelley is a dancer; she’s 14 years old.

[Last year Brittany was Third Runner-up at this pageant.]

Caitlin Lee is a 17 year old dancer.

Angie Fay, 13, will play the piano.

Gina Soldano is a 15 year old dancer.

Olivia Yokers, 15, will sing.

The information and photos above are from the
Hamilton Journal News.

I'm not attending, and results might not be up until tomorrow morning... Sorry, sometimes I actually have a life!

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