Monday, March 10, 2008

MISScellanea features "Health Week!"

I am so humbled to have received over 50,000 hits. When it happened I joked about some sort of online party or thank you.

Well, here it is... MISScellanea Health Week!

Several weeks ago I received an email about tanning risks, months ago I was sent several articles about eating disorders, working-out is always a top priority for pageant women and recently I’ve been focusing on mental fitness.

So, as a thank you I’m going to focus on these topics this week!

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  1. Right down my! I have done alot of research and would like to touch on some things to stay away from. We should avoid all artificial sweeteners such as Nutrasweet (aka aspartame and Equal) and Splenda (aka sucralose). Most of you probably do not know this but Nutrasweet was banned for 16 years until Donald Rumsfeld, who was a "big-wig" at Searle Corp., (the co. that first made Nutrasweet) came into political power and was able to choose the FDA commissioner. (Things that make ya go hmmm...) Nutrasweet has been linked to mental disorders and so much more. Splenda isn't much better. It is sugar processed with chlorine, which is linked to luekemia and other cancers. Saccharin is also linked to cancer. There are healthy alternatives and I will list those a bit later. ;)


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