Monday, March 24, 2008

Miss Central Ohio Non-Finalists Photos - Part 3

Blogger is often a huge pain when it comes to formatting small photos, so to make my life a little easier, you’ll need to scroll through four posts to see all the competition pictures. * Note, I've added pictures and talent info to the finalist post below.

Also, sometimes I don’t get a single good photo of a given contestant; other times I struggle to select which to post here, especially in Talent. I don’t mean to be unfair, but today I don’t feel like making those decisions so a few women have multiple pictures… If anyone would like to see more of their photos, feel free to email me.

Below, Carissa Cook tapped to "Cry of the Celts."

April O'Brien sang "Don't Rain on My Parade."

Below, Katie Bowen played "Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy" on the flute. Also, I had to post a photo of the back of her gown, because I just loved it! In person it was a great color choice for her hair and skin tone.

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