Saturday, July 5, 2008

Brunettes Had More Fun the Last Week of June

Miss California Jackie Geist

Age: 22
Talent: Ballet en Point
Platform: Saving for the Future
Awards: Talent, Swimsuit and Evening Gown

She won on her Second attempt, having placed in Miss California Teen USA.

Miss Connecticut Ashley Glenn

Age: 23
Talent: Ballet en Pointe "The Impossible Dream"
Platform: The Special Olympics
Awards: Talent and Swimsuit

She won on her First attempt, having been Massachusetts's Jr. Miss.

Miss Georgia Chasity Hardman

Age: 23
Talent: Vocal "Listen" from Dreamgirls
Platform: DREAM Through Music: Development, Reach, Educate
She did not win any preliminary awards.

She won on her Fourth attempt, having placed Second RU last year and as a Semifinalist the year before.

Miss Massachusetts Alicia Zitka

Age: 22
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Platform: The Importance of Self-Esteem
Awards: Swimsuit

She won on her Second attempt, having been Second RU last year.

Miss Mississippi Christine Kozlowski

Age: 19
Talent: Lyrical Dance "So Small"
Platform: DANCE: Diabetes Advocates Nourishing Children's Education
Awards: Swimsuit

She won on her Second trip to state.

Miss Oregon Danijela Krstic

Age: 24
Talent: Middle Eastern Belly Dance
Platform: Children's Global Health Crisis
Awards: Unknown

This was her Second attempt, having made the Top 10 in 2006.

Miss Virginia Tara Wheeler

Age: 24
Talent: Vocal "Since I Fell for You"
Platform: Breaking Stereotypes - Building Leaders
She did not win a prelim award.

She won on her Third attempt; she competed in Pennsylvania in 2006 and was a Virginia Semifinalist last year.

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