Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Congratulations to the New Miss Lake Festival, Ellen Bryan!

Miss Lake Festival: Ellen Bryan

1st Runner-up: Sarah Pierstorff
2nd Runner-up: Devon Stansbury
3rd Runner-up: Ashley Kanney

Private Interview: Ellen Bryan
Onstage Interview: Ellen Bryan
Talent: Sarah Peirstorff

People's Choice: Sarah Peirstorff
Committment to Excellence: Kelsey Wenning

To view the Daily Standard's entire photo album from the pageant, CLICK HERE. I'll upload more and have details from the pageant soon...


  1. She reminds me of Ellen Pasturzak Spinner!

  2. She does remind me of "Sunshine", too! ;)

  3. During Evening Gown and the crowning, Loren and I got a Kasey Wilson vibe from her... Her height and the way she had her hair may have contributed to that.


  4. Wow, what a pretty tall blond--and what a nice set of teeth!!


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